Bitter leaf

Hello everyone , You must please forgive the absence. This compulsory year of National Youth Service in Nigeria is neither for the Weak nor for the faint hearted. You would think that after the three weeks spent at the Youth Service orientation camp, life would sort of slow down and ease up but really that […]

My Brief Encounters With Mi Lord ‘Primero’ – Hon. Justice W.S.N Onnoghen

At this point the CJN waved his hand at ‘Mr Unethical’ and said ” No , she has been waiting to get a photo . Let her ” – okay the world must have stopped in its orbit and started to revolve around me in that moment . I was happy, humbled , touched , what else can I use to describe the humility and thoughtfulness ? I got my photo then turned to him ” Thank you very much Sir”

9-6 life; The low down. 

   You’re probably expecting a cliche rant on how office life is one where you’ve gotta …” Just get ready fi work work work work work work”. 😂 see what I did there ? Well , you do have to get ready to work. You have to be sure to put in your best in […]