My Brief Encounters With Mi Lord ‘Primero’ – Hon. Justice W.S.N Onnoghen

At this point the CJN waved his hand at ‘Mr Unethical’ and said ” No , she has been waiting to get a photo . Let her ” – okay the world must have stopped in its orbit and started to revolve around me in that moment . I was happy, humbled , touched , what else can I use to describe the humility and thoughtfulness ? I got my photo then turned to him ” Thank you very much Sir”


9-6 life; The low down. 

   You’re probably expecting a cliche rant on how office life is one where you’ve gotta …” Just get ready fi work work work work work work”. 😂 see what I did there ? Well , you do have to get ready to work. You have to be sure to put in your best in […]