A YEAR A MONTH AND A DAY OLDER… (Yep, that’s me!)

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Me on My 23rd. Felt A tad Marilyn Monroe ish. 


…. AND I’ve learnt there are levels/categories to being single. You can be single proper, like zero amorous prospects or you can be single but in situationships or single with several toasters and yet no suitable option. Also that being single (single proper) is a lot cheaper than being with someone. Let me explain; you spend less energy wondering why their mood swings are becoming frequent or if you are being a nag by complaining about unchanging bad habits, you have zero expectations and less expenditure when you’re single.

I’ve learnt one simply can’t pick a day not to adult once you desire to enjoy the benefits of being grown. You have to enjoy the advantages (as few as they are) as well as the accountabilities. You always have to be the bigger one & you have to be kind enough to take load off you parent’s shoulders. You cannot wear your emotions on your forehead for the world to see.

I have never waxed my legs. TMI? Okay, good bye. I’m not a feminist and I don’t have the over whelming urge to do something weird I a bid to seek pity or attention. Nor protest or announce the fact that I am me and I am comfortable in my own skin or any of those things they usually do. BUT I can’t see why you would rate unwaxed legs over a smart beautiful me. I literally lack the commitment to begin that journey. Your loss if you can’t see beyond that.

I have come to see from mere observation that commitment is immensely difficult. Daily you meet someone gifted in an area another is lacking. All the same greed is a choice that can be decided against and so is commitment.

I now know to never say never because no one is infallible.

I must not be afraid to ever say no when I want to.

Music with trumpets jazz and all that is a tiny piece of heaven. Try Chardonay music

Languages are usually so deep and intense. Translation cheats people of the true depth & true understanding is an absolute gift.

Fragments of what danced across my mind space today & in the last year.

Stay blessed.


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