Foodie Chronicles & A To eat List.


While I keep expanding my post on Spousal rape in Africa, (which I happen to have started writing since last week but still have not concluded) I have decided to just put out a bit of an update on what I have been doing / thinking. Yesterday , if my grandpa was still alive, he would have turned 93 but God knows best. I pray his beautiful soul remains at rest. I also pray I find someone like and even better than him . I remember saying to an aunt that I hope to find a man like him and better. She said “Hmm you may not marry oh!”lol. The man set an uber high standard. In other news I resumed work (after a 1 month breather in Ibadan) . I resumed two weeks ago and resumption came along with  a world of cravings I would not be ignoring.

Here is a list which I have constructed stating the meals and indulgences I plan to execute over the next few weeks.(In no particular order though)

Goodie the Foodie’To-Eat’ List.

  1. The seafood platter at ocean basket. Even though this list has no order, this is definitely number 1 on my to – eat list. I cant remember the name right now but i know it is for multiple eaters and it has all sorts of seafood goodness in/on it. I can not categorically say I would be sharing the platter though, still unsure.
  2. Enchiladas.
  3. Jimmy Rockets Oreo Milkshake.
  4. Lasagne.
  5. Nutella & strawberries&
  6. Whipped Cream (yes alone)
  7. Strawberries & Whipped Cream
  8. Doughnuts
  9. Oreo cupcakes
  10. A proper desert cake from RumnPassion

Now to my previous conquests!!

self chef noodles

Chef “me’s ” – sardine sauce, noodles and sliced banana. I think I was attempting to balance my diet.


355’s Prawns and garlic sauce on a rice bed or something like that. Still love struck just reminiscing.

nenz coldstone

Nene My love & another old time friend a good old ‘basin’ of a couple  signature ice cream. Coldstone creamy Ibadan.

cafe royal shrimp

Cafe Royal’s Shrimp Creole, An all time favourite.

eko hotel

Eko Hotel dinner buffet. A foodie’s (me) take on their dessert section. lol

chinaville dish

Chinaville’s fish dish

sky lounge dish

Sky Lounge’s Jollof rice & fish. At a friend’s birthday outing. I was busy chronicling my food.

yellow chilli seafood okra

Yellow Chilli’s seafood Okra

cafe crysalis shrimp bistro take out

Cafe Chrysalis Ibadan’s Shrimp Bistro take out.

studio freid frice

“studio”fried rice lol, staring Bimbee & I . She made the chicken and I the rice. Studio because that was where it was made.

dorm shrimp sauce

“Dorm” Shrimp sauce by Chef Me lol.

sunday lunch , ibadan.

Sunday Lunch, Soups & Sauces Ibadan. I was the one with the fanta. Yes, spaghetti & beans. Please, don’t judge me. some meal preferences stick right from high school

cafe crysalis dish

Cafe  Chrysalis Ibadan’s beef something something and rice. I decided to be “un-seafoodie” again


Wimpy Ibadan. Spaghetti Bolognese. Not a meat fan but this was the bomb.

choc cake

Chocolate Bundt Cake. Ibadan. Ate this beauty (Alot of it) at a house party.

cold stone

Coldstone Creamery Ibadan’s Oreo overload, my favourite signature.

sunday crys.

Cafe Chrysalis Ibadan.Yes! Ibadan has great restaurants.  Sunday lunch, cant remember the meal name now but it had yam porridge, fantastic fish , plantain and vegetables

shrimp in chilli

Wimpy Ibadan’s  shrimp in chilli sauce. Sunday lunch.

johnny rockets.jpg

Johnny Rockets. Sunday Lunch The famous Oreo Shake I wish to ‘re conquer.’ & a burger. can’t remember what was in the burger now.

Looking at most of my Ibadan conquests I realise I had such a ball! jeez after school sundays aren’t as fun 😦 I honestly wonder what I would be like when I am ‘expecting’ because now that I am not I take my cravings very seriously. Oh! and in case you’re wondering why I am such a foodie….


Yep, thats my wall paper. Thanks to Cosmo’s snaps I get to remind myself “Food will never break my heart”



Eat, pray & eat again…xx


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