9-6 life; The low down. 


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You’re probably expecting a cliche rant on how office life is one where you’ve gotta …” Just get ready fi work work work work work work”. 😂 see what I did there ? Well , you do have to get ready to work. You have to be sure to put in your best in order to avoid earning yourself a bad name. After all, it is your CV or recommendation at stake at the end of the day. That aside you get to learn a whole lot more. I mean these are things I already knew or experienced before but During my last internship , I got to put them to practice , test my knowledge of them and basically score my progress. Here’s a list of some of the things I learnt…
Emotional management : 

Bruh this was definitely the first lesson I learnt. You see,the workplace isn’t the ‘Africa magic school hostel’ setting. neither is it a market place. Therefore , you can never ever and must never lose your composure or “tie wrapper” and begin to exchange blows or hurl abusive words ,no matter what is said or done to you by whoever says it. You may just need to adapt Skipper’s (the lead penguin from Madagascar ) technique I.e ‘just smile and wave’. In the case of an office case , it would be ‘smile and leave’… the room that is. You would not want to throw months or years of service down the drain just because you let your emotions get the best of you. Not cool. 
Personal hygiene :

In this regard I would be discussing laundry. It would become more than necessary for you to develop a plan / scheme for constantly beating down the mountain that is called your laundry pile. If care is not taken you would just keep tossing things on it and procrastinating that visit to either your laundry room or the laundromat. Weekends would come and you may just want to sleep in. Public or bank holidays would also be used for ‘home’ work and more sleep or even both. Draw up a laundry time table ! 
Meal Plan: 

Once you operate 5/6 work hour schedule you have to stay nourished. If you are an early riser you could cook in the mornings or over the weekends then refrigerate and microwave your meals. Try not to become too dependent on your microwave or if you must , be sure to use suitable or appropriate containers as you microwave your meals. Another option , which may not be considered as financially wise , is to buy breakfast , lunch and healthy munchies to keep your mouth busy as you make use of your glucose levels. I said healthy to encourage those in ‘fit fam’. For me what helped was cookies , pastries , chewing gum and chocolates. Lol. 

Resisting temptation to allow colleagues be work/stress escape:
Forget the movies and let reality appeal to you now… It is not cute to get frisky with a colleague. Theres no thrill in putting your career or recommendation at risk. There’s nothing more awkward than having to play cool in public after a couple of ‘behind the office scene’ moments . It could actually affect concentration levels and quality of output. Imagine if your partner in frisk is your superior and scolds you or legit cannot stand the quality of your out put ? Would you take it personal or be rational and sit up ? Anyway , If your sneaking and snogging is to catch up with you , you would only have yourself to blame.

Time management :

This involves prayer time , cooking time , make up time , meal planning & bed time regardless of social media time. I’m not exactly a morning person and so I would much rather take advantage of my night time. Most of my evenings were best suited to prayer time. I often left my make up purse at work and tried to get in before resumption time. I’m no Make up artist but then I would stay in a secluded place and glam up to the best of my mood or ability lol. At night you have to get to bed as soon as you can and not let anything distract you. Some nights I got back super late. I found myself simply getting ready for the next day and then hopping into bed. 

Becoming your own personal google map whether or not you have a car:

Being a car-less Lagosian damsel , i learnt the necessary nooks and crannies. I learnt the short cuts of Victoria Island (where my office’s located) I learnt the tricks of how to zap to the office on the days I woke up 30 minutes to resumption time. Lol and God divinely connected me to buddies who were willing to assist a damsel in distress whenever there was distress. I also finally downloaded uber and learnt when traffic would be at its lightest to avoid running up my bill. 

Last but not least is treat yourself:

If you’re a cold stone ice cream lover myself , be sure to go for a cone or two (kidding) every once in a while. Or go to a nice restaurant for lunch or better still , treat yourself to something new be it a bag , book or work shirt. 

Work experiences differ. Mine was full of very interesting lessons. I enjoyed both the curricular and the ‘extra curricular’ aspects of it. The experience was one I sure wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.  


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