nearest picture I have to a “shout depiction”.


Recently I was added to a whats app group called “Orange Butterflies”. Its a group for married, engaged and single women. The discussion range is pretty wide.   As is the case whenever women affairs  come into question. LOL. As  I was saying, one day the topic was the volume/decibel of voice a woman uses. The discussion  stuck because I had noticed a general habit of being loud  ,shortly before the discussion came up ( which to be very frank had totally put me off) only for the ladies in the group to “unknowingly”concur!

A lady on the group mentioned how she knew another lady who would yell the entire house down till the second  her husband came home. Once he was in she would be like a mouse. silent and meek. While this would send sparks flying in many feminists minds ,  I definitely saw some wisdom in it. It is true that running a home and yet keeping yourself together is quite a task.It is also true that domestic staff and children can bring out ones true nature. All the same it is salient that you do not “lose yourself” or transform in a negative way in the eyes of your husband or significant other. You may just be dropping un-pretty  / negative lioness-like images in his subconscious . That was the point they were trying to make and I completely understood it.

A lady should be graceful at all times. A lady should always be on her best behaviour/conduct.There really is no point being so dramatic if the aim can be achieved without the theatrics.

Before this observation was made on the group,I noticed that ladies these days just can not be moderately audible. You pass a restaurant where a group of ladies are chatting at a table – the one leading the conversation is so loud the entire restaurant is literally part of the conversation. You pass a lady speaking on the phone – the whole world is forcefully made audience to the “monologue “. WHY SO LOUD??  Have you noticed that people who yell more are not as revered as those who just calmly make their point and keep quiet ? My face automatically scrunches up when I happen to witness an unnecessarily loud lady. Besides the occasions that call for being loud are actually few.

Please I am also writing to myself  as I can be  quite the “RHO-LOUD-INO”  but I am changing my ways. Its even weirder that I find myself drawn to guys that are quiet and more reserved than I am. There is just some finesse around being calm and unpredictable. No one likes to be seen as an empty barrel anyway. Well, it just is not classy to be the loudest in a room or in a conversation.

Dear reader, please before you speak , ask your self “Am i being loud?” “Must i be so loud?” If you can not answer these queries , ask a friend or someone around if you need to do a ‘voice check’. Let’s keep it classy shall we ?


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