Party Hats, Candles & Cake


22md Birthday. Last year.


I would skip the apology for the unnecessary absence and just get  into all the different things that kept me away. Expect some “front loading “.

I can’t remember how long ago ,but I guess it was sometime last week, I thought about all my birthdays from my first to last ear in Uni and how I celebrated every single one. LOL.

I remember not wanting to celebrate my 18th and how my parents insisted that i did considering that the previous year , the year between my 17th and 18th,  involved a whole lot of changes in my life. They felt i ought to have been more grateful for the gift of life.I had 2 surgeries , My graduation from secondary school , Success -for a change in my final math exam-and then admission into Uni. I was going to be “legal”so i just wanted something like a frame-able  graphically manipulated photo of me dressed like the lady Justice. This was underway but the graphic designer flopped. It would have been very significant as i was turning legal and I had just become a law student. Anyway, I went to church/ fellowship on campus wit my roomie as it was a Sunday, I took pictures , picked up my cake and headed to the lovely venue for lunch with a number of my friends and my parents.

Ever since that birthday, I  have not dropped the ‘party bug’ my parents passed on. I have celebrated every single year after that. It is best to make the best of life when you have it. I don’t believe in playing to the gallery or trying to impress people but i guess I realised early that things can not always remain the same. This is why every moment is for seizing.


20th Birthday cake. Chosen by me.

Now that i am out of Uni, it is not likely that i would have the time to think of celebrating let alone gather my friends with as much ease as I could back then. There’s now  work, law school (in view) and other “after school ” things to think about.


I love Party don’t blame me please. Zebra print & hot pink theme. Peep the nails!

So , let me breeze through the happenings , themes and plans. For my 19th i had a house party as school had vacated and was to resume the day before my birthday.I stayed back to celebrate though. It was so weird considering that throughout elementary and high school it always fell during the summer holiday. Anyway, I stayed home and had my uni and home friends over. I had a black forest cake. It  was baked by the wonderful Araba’s homemade  bakery and it  said “19 and pristine”. We all played and goofed around. The food was home made and fantastic; fried(basmati) rice, hot dogs,etc. I made punch with my friend Peluwa and my friend Mowale made me up. In the evening my brother-in-law took my family and I out for Chinese dinner at Jade’s Palace or is it Place ? .For my 20th i had about 20 friends over for lunch at a Chinese restaurant ( one of the best in Lagos, lol). Still haven’t seen majority of the photos from that day. lol. For my 21st i had dinner and a Chanel themed “ärray”of cakes.The day fell on a Thursday and i was to have marathon classes. somehow all classes were cancelled a day to the birthday so I had my whole day to myself. This made me happy. My MUA and i created my birthday invites with our computers, lol. they turned out very nice though.  I decided to look a bit like a bride on her wedding reception as I don’t think the look should be restricted to one day alone! My friends who helped with the planning stayed over with me in the hotel we used as the dinner venue. It was a wonderful evening. I was gifted yet another Chanel cake days after by a wonderful friend. I had so many gifts. I still use some till date. Thankfully most were clothes and fragrances. My 22nd i decided to have a playful “nothing serious but yet fun”thing and I thought it was fab. I love cold stone and so i bought props and shared to my friends. There was an ice cream cake, a sparkler, pizza and coke. Lol. It was fun. we had fun like kids. I absolutely loved.


21st Birthday Cake. “Goodie bag @ 21″theme.



DSC_0337I particularly thank God that I have never let any guy, that i liked or was seeing , to play a huge role in what happened on any of my birthdays. This is because , take it or leave it, the memory would forever linger. I stand to be corrected but I feel it would be a sort of  feather to his cap even when/if a break up happens. That he did this or that or bought this or that and yet yáll are though like it was nothing to his pocket.I think i am a bit too proud for that pettiness to be attached to something i take as seriously as my birthday. LOL. I have experienced some jerks that would rather you sulked and waited on them to make a move  than have any fun or they would try all the tricks to spoil the birthday mood. Thankfully all my birthdays were never spent waiting on anyone or disappointed by a supposed significant other. I mean if I was in a committed or serious relationship it would have been fine to be expectant to the extent which it is reasonable. I am just  glad I did my self the favour of just doing what i wanted and not “what the boo had dictated (either directly or indirectly )”. To someone like me who believes in celebrating birthdays I would have had it tough and then when I am going down memory lane it would stick out as a bad memory. This does not mean there were not any awesome guys who did wonderful things for me but they just did not take centre stage or even attempt to. 

Girls do celebrate but do not over do  it or try and use birthdays as competition basis. Also be independent enough to plan and execute a fabulous birthday for yourself.

Stay blessed , comment and share…x



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