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Gift to self/ Josephine: robe of many colours. Btw, the necklace was a gift I was given sometime last year.

So I have been writing a post on career, marriage and a lot of wrong impressions in the Nigerian society. I will leave that for later  on . Today is on gifts.

Gosh I love gifts. Gifts for others, gifts to self (new things). Last week, 2 older friends and another who is named gift (Ebun in Yoruba) bought me gifts.

When I was in Uni , which by the way I miss terribly, I loved window shopping. Heritage mall was one of the best spots for that. Then, Mr. Price was still open so my roomies/friends and I would go looking before deciding what our purchases would be. This process was super fun. The best part was trying on whatever I had bought once I was back to my room. Shopping wasn’t a habit but it was definitely one of my ways of “gifting me” considering that I regard myself as all that. Lol.

Gifting has always been my thing. My parents have teased me endlessly. My Dad tells me of how, as a six year old, I would ensure I gave a gift no matter how ridiculous, used or old it was. He will probably never drop the story of the time I did not have what to give him and so I broke my pencil in two and wrapped it in paper. I believe this was because in grade, when we still wrote with pencils. Pencils were necessary and important but I had to give something and still have a pencil to use. lol.

As an adult, I have seen this habit evolve. I think there’s absolutely nothing like giving something important, something that would brighten the face of the recipient or something that will remain relevant to its recipient for good. E.g if you know a friend needs a new tube of her favourite lip gloss and perhaps loves to paint her nails, the gloss and an unusual but nice nail polish would do for good random surprise gifts or birthday presents.

I also grew up loving this card shop in London (can’t remember the name now, so annoying) and stop Centre in Lagos. This card shop had and still has the best “all occasion” cards in the world. They had cards to annoy or just be cheeky with, cards for jokes, card for well wishes and condolences. Stop center here in Nigeria (I’m unsure if they’re still as lively s before) had the best cards(mostly Hallmark and Simon Elvis) and gift packaging. O like gift bags, cards and wrapping. I like gift boxes and those gift bags with specific shapes to fit specific items like them wine holding ones. I attack importance to them and I appreciate everyone who has gone through the formality of packaging. I believe it speaks of a superior sense of class. Anyway back to stop center, I remember buying gifts and cards from there getting them packaged for loved ones who had weddings or birthdays. I also remember they made lovely wedding invites. So unsure brides could flip through their samples and select whichever they liked the most.  Pardon my speaking in past/ confused tense. I’m not sure they’re as busy as they were when I was younger. People have dropped the habit of gifting or sending actual cards. I am of the opinion that these things go a long way and have a lasting effect on recipients- even givers. I for one keep my cards ( at least till my mum goes through my room I my absence and trashes what she deems as trash). There’s just a wonderful feeling that comes from knowing a gift is appreciated not only out of politeness but also out of its timeliness/usefulness.


some gifts from the valentines day gifting service.

I would love to run a proper gifting service. I’ve started one and I pray for grace and resilience to never stop. I think a gift should be useful, timely and match its recipient’s nature. I have given gifts to people all my life and started to help others gift others for a good fee. I ran this service for Valentine’s Day, mother’s day and a couple of birthdays this year. (I’m still running it so feel free to drop an order for an occasion or event or a festive season). Check out my instagram page if you would like to see more gift packages is organized for people.


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Gift to self.

Recently I received a bag of mini groceries (2 France deli chocolate chip muffin inclusive)(from the interesting Mr. Chris),a  wonderful baby doll white dress(from sis sunmbo) , Ruby woo and mascara (from Ebun/Gift)!! What makes these gifts very special is the fact that I wasn’t exactly overly expectant of them but i got themm anyway! They were all a surprise. I also gifted myself some wonderful things I got at a souk (a bazaar or Arabian marketplace)  which held in my church on Easter Monday. Two dresses ( one of these got me the name Josephine for being a dress of many colours) and a pair or neon detailed trainers. I have needed trainers for a while and the colour combination of the trainers were perfect. Sumbo was my roomie in my first year in Uni who was in her finals the time. She took me under her wings in such a short time. The second set of gifts  (ruby woo and mascara) I received from a friend name gift. She went to England to speak to a paper she wrote and while discussing her arrival, I had jokingly written her a long list laced with threats and told her to ensure she picked one or two items and brought them back. Lol she actually did and I am elated. I haven’t had mascara in a while (thanks to my long lashes I haven’t needed actually, Lol) I am also running out of Ruby Woo. So she has helped me replace it. Then this morning as I editing this post I get a call from a delivery man that I have a package from sunmbo again. This time it’s a bag full of clothes. I cannot wait to get home and try them all on.

give a gift today. spread the word on christ (an eternal gift) say blessed. xx

the white baby doll dress in the package it was delivered in. arrived last Friday.




the white dress still.


today’s delivery


4 thoughts on “Gifting

  1. I’m soo happy your posts are becoming more frequent. Please continue to post more some of us enjoy reading it. Thank you for helping me understand the importance of gifts. I like your robe of many colours☺

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