No longer a slave


So, for many Sundays (at least 3 in the last month). This song by Bethel music featuring Jonathan David and Melissa Helser, has been sung by my church choir. So it really is something that it t wasn’t until yesterday that the message in the song really hit me. The words of the song are so simple and yet so powerful. Here are the lyrics…


You unravel me, with a melody

You surround me with a song

Of deliverance, from my enemies

Till all my fears are gone


I’m no longer a slave to fear

I am a child of God


From my Mothers womb

You have chosen me

Love has called my name

I’ve been born again, into your family

Your blood flows through my veins



You split the sea, so I could walk right through it

All my fears were drowned in perfect love

You rescued me, so I could stand and sing

I am a child of God.

So the pastor who preached yesterday used the perfect analogy to aid understanding from Mathew 7:11 which says:

If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! (New International Version).

If you’re an only child, a child of caring / responsible parent(s) or you’re a mom , I am sure you understand how parents treat their kids or act towards them. They protect them, provide for them, cradle them, clean up after them, and look out for them and all the works. Then imagine being a child of the one who Is both greater than and is the creator of the parents.

I have been a Christian most of my life. By this I mean it asides being born into a Christian home. I have seen God work in many ways beyond my explanation or imagination so believe me when I say I know God on a personal level. Now, I have made mistakes, sinned and I have been lax (in my relationship with God) in many different ways but without being judged, a simple song’s lyrics made such a powerful impression upon me.  I look back and I realize the times I’ve slipped were the times that I either forgot God is my father, or I depended on another human being for something I really needed or I even trusted myself more than I should have trusted God. Massive error(s)!! I think I worry a lot, to an unhealthy extent.  Going by my faith, the bible and the song, all these are indirectly denying God as my Father.  Think about it like this, how would I claim my father is the richest(Phillipians 4:19), his grace is sufficient for me( 2 Corinthians 12: 9), he has strengthened me to do everything (Phillipians 4:13) , will protect me(Psalm 121:6) and yet still be afraid of catching a boat/flight or financial uncertainties  or be in doubt or even depend a 100% on people?

The part that I would never forget is the fact that I have not walked in full knowledge of being have been rescued from challenges, struggles, habits or strong temptations so I can stand and shamelessly declare in public that I have been saved and I a am a child of God. There’s a saying that goes something like “If you don’t know the purpose of something, abuse is inevitable”.  All this while I’ve known that I’m supposed to spread the gospel and lead an exemplary life but I guess the understanding did not register fully. The word rescue was used in the song. To “rescue” is to completely be saved from a dangerous or difficult situation. Meaning salvation is meant to be a constant maintenance of this status of being rescued so that I can sing to others “see me, I’m a child of God. This means I’m saved from my sickness brokenness, hurt, sadness, loneliness, temptations, etc.”  I’m saved to be an epitome of salvation.

If you’d like a copy of the message preached then please comment below with your email address so I can mail it to you. Feel free to log on to my church’s website and get acquainted or attend any service whenever you can, I assure you your life can not remain the same. 🙂



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