Yoruba Movie ( Lessons ). 101


Me dressed as a semi-Yoruba semi- Bini princess/Chief priestess.


Well it’s no secret that I am interested in the Yoruba language and I am a massive fan of their movies. Massive. I love me some Mercy Aigbe , Madam Saje, and of course the amazing  Odunlade Adekola. Special shout out to Kunle Afolayan for directing ‘October 1’. You should go see it! I will forever spread your good-movie-gospel. Lol. Feel free to Google the names if you are unfamiliar with them.

My friends and family can not quite understand the hype I attach to the movies but hey. “worrevahh” lol. Although I have learnt to start muting the channel once incantations and voodoo chants are being read out or pronounced. I don’t pray my preference for Yoruba movies would expose me to unnecessary spiritual drama. No I’m not superstitious, I’m just realistically aware of the existence of spiritual things.

Now a list of the stuff I have learnt and some movies…

Don’t eat if you’re rich or about to achieve something great.

If you’re rich or there is something happening/about to happen in your life that anyone could be jealous about, they may plan to poison you if you eat! Don’t eat food the server /cook didn’t taste (from your plate) in your presence.

Make sure you are not being watched or you can’t be caught if you’re about to do something silly.

If you want to lace someone’s drink or meal you ensure the door and windows are closed. Someone may be watching. You should leave a portion that you can taste if asked to.

(Watch :Damilola)

Don’t fall for a guy of lower status and attempt cleaning him/ raising his status.

He will leave with your money or stay and spend it all on girls. Sounds funny but please I’m in full support. Love & encourage a man throughout his climb to the top but DO NOT  turn into a charity organization, bank or ATM in the name of love. Don’t.                      (Watch Eja Tutu)

Don’t tell people good news till it can’t be hidden any longer.

If you are expecting don’t announce, even to those near you, till your tummy begins to give you away. If you are likely to be granted a visa or promotion, do not discuss it till it comes through. (Watch: ologbo Iya mi)

Once you get married, don’t step into a hotel again.

If you’re married don’t ever step foot in a hotel without your husband or wife. It means you’re cheating. Yes, even if it the hotel parking lot or reception. Your spouse’s friend/relative will relay the story of your unfaithfulness to them and your marriage could end.

 Record all your interactions

Make a diary of all the interactions you have with everyone even yourself. Anything you say/do can trigger the most unlikely effect in future possibly an “epe”(curse).                           ( Watch: Ipinlese)

If you philander in the days of your youth it will catch up with you.

Don’t break hearts, it will come back to haunt you through a spouse that misbehaves. Don’t even try and molest/harass anyone sexually if not “ti e ma ba e”. Ask your Yoruba friends to translate. (Watch: Iyawo Adugbo).

Don’t walk alone at night.

A word is enough for the wise.

If you’re a director/MD your office is incomplete without a huge dictionary sitting on your desk. 

“Trusted friends” must ALWAYS be kept on a watch list.

I watched a movie where a lady’s best friend schemed almost perfectly and completely destroyed her home all because she lost her husband and felt her friends husband was the next best option. Pathetic. On a serious note, it’s good to have tried and tested confidants but its not every single thing that happens to you that people need to know. I once had a friend who was literally the broadcaster of all secrets made known to her, needless to say I now select whatever I want her to know.

To be honest, I usually start out watching these movies to have a good laugh or learn the language further and I end up learning new things each and every time. Join the Yoruba movie lovers club today. lol. I’m also not serious every single lesson on this list. If you read it without a sense of humor, put on your sense of humor then go back and read again. I would post a Yoruba movie 102 soon. “stay tuned”.

Please before I forget, Happy Easter!!!. Dear fellow Christians let us abstain from sin as we remember that our heavenly father is perfect. If you haven’t let Christ into your life, please give him that necessary entrance today. He loves you and cares about you, that’s why he gave up his life for you.  Message if you’d like to talk more about that. Stay blessed.x




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