Lights – Camera- Action.

Camera 360

Photo of a photo. 13 year old me, Brighton beach 2007.

Disclaimer : This is not an attempt to belittle efforts , passion or choices. It is merely an expression of my opinion.

Photography is definitely an art I would have loved to go into. I imagine having being tutored by Ty Bello and investing my creative juices  into the ‘photography sector’ and taking the world by storm.

On a more serious note , I have observed two things which will form the basis of this discussion. The need to document or save memories and the unrealstic set up of occassions these days .

It is fantastic to live life recording memorable moments. Memories are to be made and “regurgitated”. But I have noticed that if you live life obsessed with/driven by the ability or need to document each thing as it pops up or happens, you’d only look back and realise you really did not live life.This  culminates into my second point. It’s a good thing to document the real and necessary stuff. What’s the hype about documenting what’s not real or what did not happen with excessive concerted efforts?

I’m also not a fan of overly rehearsed poses or “fake deep”shenanigans to provoke endless äwws*rolls eyes*.  I look at wedding photographs these days and pre wedding photos and I’m just put off. The need to coordinate poses and locations for best effects , I completely understand but there’s hardly allowance for reality these days. The atmosphere portrayed  in the photographs is so plastic ! you can literally melt the fakeness with a blowtorch if you walked into the dressing room/suite while the shoots were taking place!!!

I am ranting about this particular aspect of photography because if I were chanced, that is  the area I would specialise in. I remember how (back in 2009) I would go on Bella Naija and ogle colour combos , tastefully selected Aso ebi designs ( the literal translation: “cloth of the family”. Ceremonial wears made from matching fabric and are worn by family/ friends of celerant/ couple) , event decor , floral layouts, bridal make up, the moments of laugher between the couple , etc.  I mean who doesn’t love love ? After growing up on Disney stories, lady bird classics and fairytales, my interest should not come as a surprise at all.

Please do not get me wrong, I am actually a sucker for event organisation, planning, creation and smooth execution of event concepts. I also understand the importance of coordinating photo sessions so that all the effort put into planning does not end up wasted or unappreciated due to shabby lay out of photo sessions. BUT I would like to maintain this- I do not share the opinion that unrehearsed moments should be least photographed. Those moments can never be replayed and they matter the most. Life itself is unrehearsed so why so much posing and planning?

Realistically speaking, on the morning of any proper society wedding , there’s most definitely no time for satin robed bridesmaids to pose in robes on a neat hotel bed. neat ? where 10 excited women are prancing around ? LOL. Another thing is the night before the wedding it is almost 100% certain the bridesmaids would not be wearing the same set of pyjamas. So the tussle to get into the same type of clothing , get a photo , get out of the similar wears and then again into another set of similar dresses only to get photographed yet again all before getting to the church or registry leaves me wondering just how real this entire process is. Besides, after much expense to belong on the bridal train , you notice that at the end of the dramatic dance entry into the reception ends with a grand dispersal almost immediately after.At this point I ask myself…

Would I  rally friends round from their different spheres of endeavours, hand them similar clothing to get into a photo/photos with me, get them to wear similar hairstyles/make up/dresses /shoes , only to have them all disperse and not truly share my special moments with me ? I don’t  understand. Maybe we  should all go back to read and understand the concepts behind ‘brides maidism’, before constructing a train and having a wedding. I think it is beyond the records and documentation.

My point is this : What really happens is what matters the most. Did the brides maids over sleep and forget to wake up in good  time? Did the bride knot a towel over her dress to avoid getting stained by make up? Did the brides mom scold her for runing late? Did the grooms men wake up 20minutes to scheduled departure time? Did the Dj forget to include a song on the playlist and everyone sang it instead? The real stuff that would make anyone laugh when they remember is very important and should also be given attention.

 off I go to complete my office work before the day ends. sigh.


2 thoughts on “Lights – Camera- Action.

  1. Totally agree with you girl!
    I’ve always felt like pre-wedding photos with real laughter and real fun were the best.
    Even the actual wedding photos we see these days seemed to be focused more on achieving a perfect picture rather than capturing priceless moments.

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