The Lady, her date & The bill


dinner setting at my 21st birthday

so, this is a topic that would catch anyone’s interst. I only wonder how relevant it is nowadays as many people dont go on dates anymore. If ‘dating’ is your thing then you would find this a good read.

I’ve met a couple of ladies who believe in expensive/flashy lifestyles. Thére are those who dont mind the =N=50,000 first date( just so that their story on snapchat would be the object of other ladies envy). I’ve also met others who do not see any reason why they should ever be the one to foot a date bill. Then there are those who are not in the habit of spending on anyone but themselves (lovers inclusive).

P.S, Whatever you opinion or stand is, that is absolutely fine. I am not about to commence a lecture on what your opinion should or should not be. I’m only here to move a motion for “VEX MONEY”.

Based on my understanding, I might be wrong, vex money is what you hold on an outing incase plans change and  you have to foot the bill to avoid embarassment or to even leave the location (independently). To the =N=50,000 first date lady if you can keep up the lifestyle , without going bankrupt, please go right ahead. Just bear in mind not every guy can and even Mr Right may not be able to.He may pretend it has no effect on him and pay inorder to fulfil his ulterior motives.

Before i preach let me make my point, if you can not afford it…DO NOT EAT IT!

I went out on a date sometime last year to a chinese restaurant that had just opened at the time. I had a good time (any time food is involved is a good time to me). Before the bill came my date had to step out and left me his debit card so i could make payments. At that moment, I was very happy that i had mine ,incase anything happened to his or the transaction on his debit card did not go through. As if the POS machine & my senses  had seen my thankfulness, i forgot his password and was left with the options of 1)paying with mine or 2) sitting there with the dirty dishes till he returned. I paid with my  debit card and left to join him where he was outside the building. He refuned later on . Can you imagine if I could not afford it ,or if  I was being ditched or I did not bring my “PLASTIC VEX MONEY”. God forbid.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a guy that you like out and footing the bill every now and then.Please remember you are not his nutritionist , his dietician or his mother. Do not let ‘love’ or the need to prove a silly point  ( to any gold digging sect of underfed people)turn you into any of those things. This is why it is important that you try and strike a balance (by taking him out as well) but ultimately, let yourself be taken care of. There is also nothing wrong with loving fine dining but you can not be so eager to prove a point that you order the most expensive item on the menu or something you are unsure about. what if you have to take a long trip to the powder room mid-meal? please be reasonable and be fair to yourself.

So ladies, please eat your fill but be familiar with your choice, be able to afford it , be considerate and be prepared!



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