‘How to wear your heart on a sleeve’ 101

How to wear your heart on your sleeve 101. 
Get a pen & paper and write (passionately.lol)…

Forgive my tenses and punctuation. I guess ‘passion’- for lack of better word- knows no composure. 
I like you *insert name or affectionate nick name that you gave*
When we fist met , I liked you

Don’t ask why or how I know / knew but I did .

 It gets worse after we spend time together, no matter how little. 
I liked you because *insert reasons e.g* It’s really something to retire into someone’s teddy bear arms & broad but kinda soft chest – after a week of annoying lectures. I mean I know how I’ve felt the three nights I’ve slept in your arms. I found myself savoring the moments. As though the world would end the very next. 

You seem surrounded, to the best Of my limited knowledge, by an envious ambience of structure. I can’t explain it properly but it’s not something you see with other guys. 
You seem to know what’s important , proper or in appropriate and I believe that apart from personal choice , it’s because you have an old man who you obviously respect & you hope to be like someday. 
I liked you – I saw a chance to bring to reality all my seemingly childish imaginations of what sleeping beside a lover would be like. 

You know, 

Intimate but not necessarily sensual. A cuddle here , a foot rub there. 

A hickey there and nape kiss there.

 I saw the understanding of that very delicate balance – however meaningless it most likely was / has been to you, I really enjoyed it.
I guess I can say that with you chivalry isn’t dead. It’s alive because it’s the appropriate thing , not the ticket into my briefs. 

I dig that. Absolutely. 
I liked you because you seemed like we could easily exchange internal (non sexual..lol) content and depths inexplicable. Especially as you’re particularly passionate about many things. I wish you’d let me in. 
You have to understand how annoying this has been for me, feeling & not really being noticed it that sense. 

*you have to give the sequence of events as your emotions developed , like …*

The first night I slept beside you, in your insanely long basketball shorts , I spent the greater part of the night staring at you. I was amused at how I could make out your face in the dark room. No one can say that of me. Im sure you can bear witness to that. 

I thought “my what wonderful skin glow-in-the-dark-skin he has”. “I bet if we were to exchange opinions on stuff, we would be up all night. I knew I wasn’t gonna let it (whatever ‘it’would be )end there. I completely love how different our skin tones are. You may never have any idea just how obsessed with the extreme contrast I am.
I believe that if you decide to, you can appreciate all this weird depth and craze I have stowed away within. 

You’re Someone who I won’t feel weird being weird with. You’d probably laugh if I turned on a fela song and started to lip sync( in Hanes / fruit of the loom briefs , just like him) & do then worse.
*tell them of the possibilities*

It would be like living a dream if you ‘let me into your head’. I’d like to know what you’re thinking at lunch time it how your day went before you sleep. I’d love to know whatever it is that makes you tick and to listen to your rants…Perhaps about Nigeria’s power sector and how Ibadan taxi drivers are the absolute worst to share a road with. 

Whatever really.  
*tell them of the moment you knew it had to be more,it could be when you first met or later on. E.g*

 I knew that morning that I couldn’t just walk away from your room without attempting to see where the initial ‘connection’ could end. When you asked me upstairs I wondered why you were so nice. I hoped we would speak more and get to know each other better that night. 


I like you*insert name* and I LOVE *list their features* your height and long legs,The absolutely amusing sound of your laughter & your lovely set of teeth. 🙂 

I may not know you enough and I imagine there is so much I can’t see but if you want to be truthful, you’d admit that it’s because there’s little you’ve let me in on. My senses ‘aren’t blind’ anyway. 
*give your firm ‘I’m fed up of this confused zone’ concluding statememt(s)*

I’m never one to ‘bare my heart’ mostly due to pride and fear of rejection. But for what this is worth I’ve taken the leap. I can’t keep up with Oliver Twist portions of your time and attention. I’m not dying or anything but It’s like I’m becoming emotionally malnourished. I find myself having to be ‘strong’ (after I would have spent a night in your covers – oddest irony ! I envy girls who can leave the feelings in the sheets) until it so pleases you to reach out again- while I really just want to be loved and constantly sought. I’m not ashamed to admit that I love to cuddle and you’re fantastic at it. I love how you smell. I completely love how your lips feel. I love your lashes and how I really can’t tell if you’re asleep or just resting your eyes. I like how serious and unreadable your face gets at different points In time – yet so perfect all the time. Oh and I like how soft your cheeks are. 

I want to see and smell you, enjoy the comfort of your arms more often than you’ve let me… 

I’m glad to have let this out. 

It’s up to you to decide how far you want to let this go. But I won’t be a party to you downplaying the possibility of something coming out of this by allowing you streamline the use of this ‘acquaintanceship’ 
See, I have somehow become nonchalant , unexpectant & numb emotionally this past few weeks. This is basically settling. I don’t want to have to do that anymore. I’m glad to have let this out. Just let me know what you think. It can never be the end of the world no matter what. Lol. I’d rather hear it from you than assume or decipher it. 

*Mail or simply hand/slip them the letter sealed in the envelope. Then, expect your nicely prepared disappointment to be served on a platter. 

Now it can come in many forms…

Frozen- no response 

Tender- a kind let down 

Hot – an outright no. 

But expect it. 

Never wear your heart on your sleeve. 

Lol. X


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