A string of random thoughts 

I’ve been writing this since September and I really don’t know if it’s complete or not but here it goes…
Monogamy -in every sense of it – is a utopia.

Long ears hurt.

Emotional fidelity is the best bonkers from life’s grenades and air raids. 

No one chooses their Waterloo (emotional).

Talking never solved anything really. Yeah, you can hold it all in. 

If he doesn’t close up the gap leave it that way, a bridge wasn’t destined to be there. 

Keep it moving at ALL costs. 

Do wishes made at the trevi fountain come true?
Baby Hague is perfect… When perfectly made of course. 

When in love. I want to feel like a child again. Vulnerable but protected. Wanted just as much as I want. Missed as easily as I miss. 

I like the effect of neon (paired with my skin) on the eyes.

Insomnia would be so much more bearable if there was someone to help live through it. Like a speed dial or a Skype call away. 

Automatic-disappointment-reduction-notes- to -self,

(To be read whenever excessively high on Disney induced expectations only )

What you want the most is the least likely to happen 

Who you want the most is the least likely to become yours 

What you wait on the most is what is most likely not to happen. 
Missing is part of life, don’t ever make that call just because you miss them. 

The New York skyline is forever one of the bestest photos that can hang on a feature wall or in a bachelor’s pad. Forever. 

I hate to be the first to text because I hate to be expectant in futility when the phone beeps. 

… A string of random thoughts. 


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