One bright morning , when this life is over…


the obi


the masoleum


the grave


grand daddy, granny ,my cousins & i


I used the title for lack of better title and because that Faith Evans song gets me every single time.
My granddaddy has been gone for Six years. Today in 2009 he slept and didn’t wake up.

It’s very important that if you must be a father , you must take time to be present & not just financially active in the life of your kids – especially your daughters! You have no clue how far this would go. You shouldn’t just be a biological contributor to your child’s existence .

Ive watched my five aunties , my mum & my only uncle manifest the characteristics imbibed from being raised by this fantastic man – this is so because he refused to be only a biological contributor to their existence. He’s no more, but his memory & his words are forever etched in our hearts. My aunties are strong and independent women. My uncle is truly their elder brother. He has stepped into the head of family position and has done a good job so far. 

I was talking to my gran sometime in August & she told me to go take a look at my Grandpa’s *obi. I did & when I came back she said “sometimes when I go in there it’s as if my husband would just come out” I had to change topic so I won’t cry. She still went on to say he was such a good & peaceful man. He refused normal random gifts let alone bribes. I wish many politicians today can be described like that. My mum told me my gran never had to concern herself with how much her children’s fees were. Not many women are that lucky now. 

I miss him dearly. My heart aches a bit every single time I remember that he is gone. Never ever take anyone for granted. Value every Moment you have with them. I can give almost anything to go back in time & spend longer hours listening to the advice & reminiscing of this wonderful man. 

I still hope to marry a man like this and better. A good man , a good husband , a good father. A man that wants to be a part of his children’s lives and mine. A man that isn’t just obsessed with the position of family head but instead occupies it worthily. 
RIP Ikenecheoha. I love you. x


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