Ode to Mr Price

More like “rant over the silent and hurtful exit of Mr Price “.

I’m a Jammie , bathrobe , lounge wear and bed lover. I’d really hate to lie around looking tacky. Pretty colors catch my eye and ,being dark skinned, they have this understandable acquaintance with my skin. I guess this is responsible for my love of all things pretty , maybe pink and nowadays neon ! So, today I had this boring class… After leaving the class I hoped to do some shopping around my uni and head straight for the mall where Mr price was located. I announced my plan to a friend who said Mr price had shut down. I left the class and tried to confirm this horrible news and to my utmost despair the news what confirmed to be true! πŸ˜©πŸ˜’πŸ’”. it’s really wrong to leave without saying goodbye πŸ’”πŸ’” … Or even organizing a good bye sale ! Who does that ?!

 I learnt a small lesson though : be quick to put off procrastination . 

Mrp taught me this on two occasions… 1) I saw this hot pink and cream colored Aztec print cardigan once ,on a shopping trip, in Mrp. I didn’t pick it because I thought I didn’t need it. Lo and behold the next week I had to be in New York( and it was cold there)so I went back for the cardigan and  it was gone ! πŸ’” 2) I was in Mrp some days ago , I made a mental note to go back for a pair of pink and blue kitten themed Jammies πŸ’”πŸ˜©. Oh and this cobalt blue bikini !!! I have eyed it with indecision for at least a month now since I’m no fan of 2piece swim wear. *sigh* I delayed and procrastinated now here I am crying-within that is. 

I can hardly believe the most convenient “go to ” store ,easily our Ibadan ‘primany’ (lol) has closed! I wish to hear they merely relocated to some other mall. Anyway, here are memoirs of my last two experiences in Mrp. A pajama set I picked out last month or so , the dressing gown and the black jumpsuit – belated commandeered  gifts from biggie. Thanks to him I got them if not I’d be crying now. Thanks biggie ! Lol. I particularly knew I needed the dressing gown when my eldest aunt (mama) taunted me with hers the last time I was in enugu. Lol I knew I needed me a warm fuzzy bedtime cuddle imitation in my life lol . Hers was pink ,long, perfect 😒😒 anyway thanks to Mrp and biggie I have mine now 😁😁


the jumpsuit. Look at the sheer arms and bubble wrists though ! 😍price tag and all are still atttached *sigh*πŸ’”πŸ˜’ cant wait to rock this though with nude make up, black smokey eyes. & gold accessories. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‡


mr price. carrier bag


neon orange (i believe) and grey dressing gown.


dressing gown so fuzzy, im in love 😍



at the till


getting help from a certain Mr Ezekiel. when we needed a smaller size of something..lol


red “dream on” pajamas


mama’s pink fuzzy dressing gown. very much coveted


savouring borrowed moments!


i woke up like this ? lol. l red Enugu soil be photobombing.


Summary. : thou shall not procrastinate! Stay cool.x


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