*Shaking My Head*

  So I was scrolling through Twitter the other evening and then a tweet (as captured above ) kinda visiously jumped at my eyes and had me shaking my head in disgust. 
I come from a home where grooming and appearance are taken very seriously. When I got admitted into university, I started slightly non challant about dressing hair and fashion. With time I understood that  how you appear greatly affects how you are addressed. It’s not enough to look good without any brains but that doesn’t give you license to appear in class with uncombed hair and sweaty pits with the smartest argument in jurisprudence- no. 

My point is I take my personal presentation very seriously. I’m also a fragrance lover with a strong dislike for evidence of perspiration. I like to get my nails done. I love long hair natural or “internationally borrowed “- I’m a huge fan but I’d never empty out my savings to procure any of such. I’d also not use money that suffices as down payment for landed property. I also love braids and Senegalese twists. I tried the team naturalista thing and to be honest it did not work out. My mane is already too stubborn -even with a perm -I can’t imagine going on without a perm forever. This does not mean I hate natural hair or I think it is beneath me. It’s ,for  now , not a thing I’d like to continue with but no doubt I give my hair the necessary attention it requires. I also love to look good, to wear decent figure flattering clothes. I even spend my spare time mentally creating looks and outfits . 

I think relationships have the potential to be Utopias on earth. There’s nothing more wonderful than being desired -in every sense but physical- by someone who you also desire. I look forward to such a period actually. Unfortunately I’ve come to see that no matter what who would cheat would cheat. Everyone has the capacity to cheat or to even encourage it but there’s no poor decision or action that pure determination can not avert. Take that to the bank ! Now being cheated on is the most hurtful degrading and most unexplainable thing that can ever happen to anyone. It’s one thing to be cheated on and then it’s another thing for some poor logic to be conjured to ridicule the situation and then throw dirt upon an effort to either look good or be presentable. 

I found this tweet (captured above) particularly silly especially as it was written by a girl ! Normally guys make such chauvinistic utterances and I just shrug because they are just full of all sorts of surprises and logic. But this is by far surpasses all daftness ever expressed while justifying infidelity or playing down the seriousness of being cheated on. I thought it rather unjust. Yes there are many ways to say that a guys interests doesn’t depend on the expenses incurred in the bid to look good. But if I decide to spend money I have on what I want and my boyfriend decides to hunt prey that doesn’t share similar taste with me . How does that affect global warming or world peace ? 

It’s good to be financially intelligent  and to also avoid being unnecessarily materialistic.  I actually consider myself an alaroro-what Western Nigerians use to describe a miser. To me the best type of texts are credit alerts . This doesn’t mean I won’t spend my money to look good , I can not disappoint my mother or be looking like her older sister. So I won’t allow anyone down play presentation in the name of a mans confusions or thirsts.  So dear ladies work hard , groom yourself , get your hair and makeup done and by all means COMB YOUR HAIR !!! 

Stay blessed..xx


One thought on “*Shaking My Head*

  1. Lol Goodie o. This is just like our conversation about that picture with the twins. One picture, a million interpretations.
    I’ve re-read this tweet like 10 times and I feel like the tweeter is more concerned about cheating men and their lack of shame, self-control and sick thirsting over anything in skirts than bashing women who spend a lot on grooming.
    I didn’t see her previous or subsequent tweets sha, so I don’t really know.

    Anyway, I agree with you. There’s absolutely NO REASON for a woman to look less when there are resources available for her to look more.

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