Ode to Mr Price

More like “rant over the silent and hurtful exit of Mr Price “. I’m a Jammie , bathrobe , lounge wear and bed lover. I’d really hate to lie around looking tacky. Pretty colors catch my eye and ,being dark skinned, they have this understandable acquaintance with my skin. I guess this is responsible for […]

Neon nights

   Neon nights  I’m up… Is he ? Am I also dancing across his consciousness or other wise ? Would he ever understand that I won’t be clingy or a nag , I’d just savour whatever moments we have ?  Why aren’t yearnings or feelings created in pairs ?  Ah well… sun is up. Bed […]

*Shaking My Head*

  So I was scrolling through Twitter the other evening and then a tweet (as captured above ) kinda visiously jumped at my eyes and had me shaking my head in disgust.  I come from a home where grooming and appearance are taken very seriously. When I got admitted into university, I started slightly non challant […]