Love & The red lettered monster ; genotype


no I'm not engaged. I chose this for 'nearness to the subject' purposes.

Hello dearest readers,
I have been so gingered to write this blog and I am excited that I have finally written it. It just so happened that the topic followed me every where this past week as if it was haunting me for the procrastination since last week Sunday.
If you live(d) in my house or grew under my mothers tutelage, you would be very familiar with the term ‘genotype’. It simply means …


The genotypes humans have are AA, AS, AC, SS. Basically these haemogloblin classifications put some people at a disadvantage of limited choice of ‘mate’ for the end benefit of their offspring because its not everyone that can just marry at will and get away with it. Those with the AA genotype can marry at will to anyone with any genotype. This is not so for those with the other genotypes because if  they don’t have kids with an AA individual they stand the chance of bringing forth an individual or individuals with the SS genotype.





*Explanation credit : wikipedia
No one would purposely desire to subject an individual to a lifetime of pain in the name of ‘love’.
I mean, did you see what happens to sickle shaped blood cells? That can not be a pleasurable experience.

My mother always spoke about genotype and said it is advisable for ladies to always ask and confirm their genotype before falling head over heels or getting hooked. Please do nor be ashamed dear sisters! I have asked every guy i have taken serious or if I was shy I  snooped around just enough to know where i stood with them (genetically).
I’m not ready to get married but its rather sad that the “AA” guys i have met sadly have been a waste of compatible genotype.
When I was much younger I always read this ‘single and married’ weekly column which pastor Bimbo Odukoya wrote. The couple in the story had been dating for a while and they were very much into each other and so they decided to get married. Somehow the had neglected to ask themselves what their genotypes were. A particular family member asked and in their shock over their neglect it came out that they were both AS. They decided to get married and chose the option of checking the genotype of the foetus at 3months and terminating if the child was of the SS genotype. It was rather unfortunate for them that they had to do this for up to six pregnancies . Thus of course set a strain on their marital joy and the wife was distraught.
It could have been avoided all the the same.
My mother can smack me for saying this but abortion isn’t the only way to avoid birthing a sickler. Genetically incompatible couples can all together avoid conceiving a child with the SS genotype. Science has offered many more options- google is your friend.
But wait a minute and ask youself… Would you choose this deep and highly dramatic means over a naturally stress free genetically compatible relationship?
If the love is not ‘out of this world unto the next planet’ type love and you guys aren’t planning to financially compete with Warren Buffet,  then just wait for your genetically compatible match please.
Life Is already hard please don’t complicate it further for future generations. 

I know of a few people living with sickle cell anaemia and I have read a bit on it as well. The book and movie ‘Dazzling Mirage’ , by a lecturer in my university, did a fantastic Job shedding light on the issue. It is obviously not a plague and with education and enlightenment it can be properly dealt with but i think we ‘yet to be married or ‘ yet to be parents’ should be considerate enough to help avoid propagating the issue. Anyone living with this genotype would do themselves a lot of good to heed their doctors advice on lifestyle and nutrition-  As it is not impossible to live a long and healthy life even with the genotype.!
This I know and I have seen very well.
It would also be very good if they reduced the risk of their future generations by ‘multiplying’ with someone who they are genetically compatible with.

Basically if you must love , good luck!
But be sure to take your brain along as well.
There are already enough challenges that families or couples face don’t willingly increase them. Don’t.
This is for the good of all.
I have seen couples that have damned the consequences and gotten away with it 100% .
Other times genetically incompatible couples have married out of spiritual conviction  and had AA and AS children- Happy for them.
Do not copy , ask your significant other what their genotype is today and read up on all that is necessary before bringing a child unto the earth. To each his own.
Good night and stay blessed. x


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