Of Whats App chats , boredom inspired buzzes & stupid audacities…..


Hello everyone,
Today I would ,for the first time, be using an instance from my very personal life as a post.
In Nigeria, a guy who likes a girl and is trying to get with her is labelled ‘toaster’ so this excerpt above is from a chat between a supposed toaster and I.
Now, it is only logical that a guy who is actually interested in a girl would  naturally show this interest and so my dear sister if you  are trying to figure out where you stand in his interest books you would not be left guessing you’d know. It really is what it is, no need complicating life  any further. It is already complicated as it is.
Now to the excerpt ,
I met  this guy sometime in February , it was a typical after work outing. my friend her husband and some of our mutual friends were in attendance. when it was time to leave, my friend’s husband offered to give me a ride to some place nearby, where i would meet my parents up and then go home but his  friend wanted to be a hero and offered to give the ride instead. He asked for my number after expressing shock that I was young enough to still be in university -one would think he was Methuselah’s contemporary- and  saying that age determined life experience. Which I thought and still think was a very shallow perspective to have, because if anyone knew anything about life it should be that it is full of surprises, it is unpredictable and it does not choose to show its surprises to anyone based on anything most especially not age!
Now he took my number that evening and i did not hear a word from him till last night on what’s app !
As if that was ridiculous enough this clown had the audacity to imply that he can run off and appear at anytime he liked because I’m still young anyway, who would take me seriously and take me off the market anyway? Sometimes good home training is really just a painful leash a babe has to bear because i would have unleashed venom and brimstone on this clown.
First and foremost as a guy you as should never assume anyone is cool with you  entering their what’s app just because they let you take their number. Why be such a cheap skate? are you saying that putting a call through for just a minute would drain you financially??
Asides finances  i am not of the opinion that it is cool to assume that chatting with someone you barely know is the way forward. Logic should tell you to wait till the tone of relationship is more familiar before you jump to that level.
Has this computer age speed thing affected step by step procedures ?
I don’t understand how men these days  only pick what is convenient for  them to be fast about but they are slow about stuff women care about. To demand commitment in its total sense from a guy, you’d start to hear “no not yet lets see how it  pans out ” after five whole years. But its not the same answer you will get for them when they are expecting the cookie-this is with most guys (not all).
Another thing i can not understand is if   girls looks like a carving to some guys. Why would any guy think he would literally abandon a lady in one spot and  meet her there in the next  four months? Guys can really be deep beyond all human comprehension.
No human exists for another if you don’t up your game, play your part or take care of your girl in simple terms: SOMEONE ELSE WILL!
Do not be stupid.
I cant understand why anyone would look at any girl from head to toe and assume that because she’s young she would be single for long-If you are so thick in the head to think this then at least be smart enough to  keep it to yourself.
I would exhaust several pages if i were to list the girls who have married at young ages and no,not out of desperation or pressure but out of choice and actual readiness on the part of both parties!
This chat hot all my analytical juices pumping because I have not been able to stop bringing out the depths of insult thrown at me. I also can only imagine what my fellow ladies have to put up with in the name of new toasters. This guy obviously buzzed me as a result of drunkenness or boredom at 2am after 4months and expected a welcome back parade or “fresh start”!!! wow. Pls
  Take a look:


After using work as a stupid excuse for a 4 Month absence and I say goodnight and all the best, he tries to guilt trip me for not remembering him. At This point I’m weak beyond words…WEAK.
Ladies please do not be any guys chat or visit option when he is bored. Don’t also be an encourager of stupidity if he must lie or be daft he should be scared to do either of them beside you. We determine what is given to us.

Guys and girls do not what’s app people you barely know except they give you the go ahead. Also,If you are silly that’s alright but don’t be audacious enough  to assume anyone else would  be fine with it. Keep it to yourself and respect territories.

My next post will be on love and genotype. Stay tuned,stay blessed…x


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