What kind of men are we following these days?


Hello ladiessss….😁😁
Having heard and seen ALOT in recent times about the topic ‘guys & girls’ , I’ve decided I will post.
My focus would be the quality of men being raised by  women and  followed by others
Taking a cue from the photo above, why should you have to hide your attractive friends or relatives? Is your lover a loose dog? For how long would you keep him away from beautiful women in a bid to keep him faithful? Is he a child?

Now i would never support stay over / visiting staff, relatives or  friends in skimpy clothes or putting up provocative advances… never.
But why should anyone take the fall because of a mans inability to control himself? , That is what I have the problem with. If we keep making it look like everybody else but our men have work to do, they would bask in this laziness & shift in duties!
Men already tend to be just like toddlers. Do not be a party to unnecessary pampering, they are gonna have to rise to the occasion of responsibility at some point when you are absent.
What would happen at that point if you keep helping them????

As a mother you cant keep spoon feeding your sons or excusing them from responsibilities. They end up as vegetables at the forefront of life’s heated battles.
You need to raise responsible, strong & God fearing men.
Men who can stand strong before trials and temptations.
Not men that would become double headache for  their wives by being big babies.
Such men leave the trash indoors expecting the wife to do it alongside EVERY  OTHER THING  ,  they don’t change  dead bulbs… ‘the wife should do that’ , they don’t also remember kids closing times or doctors appointments even when the wife is out of town, For goodness sake the wife isn’t God, a magician or a machine.
The home is meant to be jointly run!
The same  goes for temptations and trials.
The way a lady is expected to be faithful and responsible while married (to even a beast) is the way a man ought to have his focus fixed directly on his wife !
After all, the temptations you face don’t drown you so why cant he overcome???
Don’t baby a man. He would never grow up.
Stay blessed & wise up. Men are not running out of style dont ignore a red flag in your bid to not be single. You will wish you remained single. ;)😘


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