Deodorize for the love of God.


I mean, is it such a task?
Is deodorant running out of fashion?
Did the hike in the price of commodities over time and during the past elections make deodorant unaffordable?
Wow… i have had enough actually.
You cant last a day under my mothers watch without sufficient deodorant use or personal consciousness, thank  God for that.
If not who knows where I would be?
I totally understand that our climate causes a whole lot of Perspiration and people have different body types but it does not excuse the necessity of deodorant use. It never has and it never ever will.
If you sweat a lot its not a crime but please do not repeat your clothes and  for goodness sake, bathe often. Pay
special attention to your underarms during bath time. Don’t copy your friends with less perspiration issues in their ‘Today I don’t feel like doing anything’routine…. It is a lie, we.were.not.born.equal!!!!!

Do not be an instrument of distraction in public or Even when you raise your hand in church.

Suggestions from personal use :

1- Sure spray for men…
best for members of both sexes who sweat a lot.
3-Old Spice deodorant stick for
Those who don’t sweat that much.

Goodnight,deodorize for God’s sake & stayblessed.xx😘


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