The ‘selfie’ Post


Lol, dancing at my birthday.

I haven’t done one since 2013, so here it goes…
I forgive myself for ever putting up with anything below my standards and ill treatment in the name of feelings, pathetic.
I understand the importance of forgiveness but most of all, I’ve come to understand the extreme importance of forgiving oneself.
I think my plantain porridge is amazing, lol.

I do not think cooking with stock (broth) is an absolute necessity, the food can still be the bomb. You have just gotta be bad ass enough to pull it off, without inducing heartburns of course.
There is a child who lives behind my house who i am convinced enjoys crying the way other kids enjoy watching barney,  eating candy and playing dress up.
No, he is not being hurt or bullied, he just enjoys himself that way. I still want and pray for chubby twin boys.
I have a ‘WCE’ I can only admit to a few people that I have.
I am secretely scared of finishing novels, its like ‘where do I go from here’.
I still love flavoured tea & red velvet cake.
Im still (amazingly) struggling with gele tying lessons.


I think I have a better grasp on make up knowledge generally,  I never knew I would ever be able to say that. I love the sleek eye shadow pallettes, fantastic quality and colours. I still need to learn how to independently shapen my brows though and I dont bother too much with contouring, im naturally contoured with this complexion that wont showdark foundation, lol.
I still have the same wedding reception venue in mind and dress type. I still am not a fan of redlips for white weddings, nah.
I still love long floeing princessy gowns. I doubt I can ever stop


I really miss Paula my roommate who just graduated already. We sure had many fun times together. Ada (my other room mate) and I would surely have alot of fond memories of the interesting character paula, lol.


Ada, Paula and I


Fun night out. Tolu, me, Paula and Ada.... Paula is a case.

I think sibling rivalry is hardly as a result of random jealousy, rather it is indirectly cused and encouraged. I dont believe a good home automatically produces good individuals, as people can choose who they want to be. I dont believe it is the work of school or teachers to train kids, I belive it is a God given role of parents. Im not sayimg dont send your kids to school i am sayind dont dump them in school. I love babies too much, lol.


Angie Manjie et moi

I think we need firmer and cleaner hands in the government of Nigeria.
I still love to dance and create, nothing can ever change that….


Plantain porridge

I’d chip in more ‘selfie’ details as I post. Have a lovely weekend, stay blessed.x


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