My wordpress has been so silly recently and would just not publish my post!
Imagine the nerve?
So much has happened and I just have not been able to post but I reject the attempt of laziness and wordpress tantrum to stop me from posting! Amenn.
I love my eye make up in my picture above so that is why I used it. Just being honest.
But the city of Lagos has a spirit(lol) no matter how much you dress up when traffic and stubborn bus drivers start to take their toll, you can forget how decked up you are!
This very day (in the picture but after I took the picture, lol) a bus driver hit my mum’s car and lets just say all the ‘Africa Magic Yoruba’ that I have been watching taught him not to ever mess with a car full of Lagos ladies again. Lol
Enjoy the rest of your week, while I try to enjoy mine and I will  also  stop being so upset that I did not get an internship spot that I soooo badly wanted at this Real Estate place… All is well.
Thanks to my people Jide,Bimbo, Dami, Elo, Fisayo and my June 12 baby (Wale)… They have really been there for me on this one.
Stay blessed. More posts to come…x


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