No need

No need sulking , It changes nothing! No need crying, you would eventually wipe the tears and  have to face the problem. No need letting them linger in your life, they’d help you waste it. No need letting them into your mind, I know you control it and can let them out at anytime you […]

The ‘selfie’ Post

I haven’t done one since 2013, so here it goes… I forgive myself for ever putting up with anything below my standards and ill treatment in the name of feelings, pathetic. I understand the importance of forgiveness but most of all, I’ve come to understand the extreme importance of forgiving oneself. I think my plantain […]


My wordpress has been so silly recently and would just not publish my post! Imagine the nerve? So much has happened and I just have not been able to post but I reject the attempt of laziness and wordpress tantrum to stop me from posting! Amenn. I love my eye make up in my picture […]