Scents & Songs : “Never Let You Forget”


Unsaid words leave my throat sore. Endless sniffs after lights out,roomies probably thinking a few kleenex’s would appease the resilient ‘allergies’. 
My pillow won’t hug back. 
What went wrong?Why can’t I forget?

You’ve become that place my mind runs to briefly mid-class.
when the lecturer stops dictating and cracks a joke…
Our first day out,Our first fight…
Then I’m back.I shake my head at myself and sigh. 
If only sighs could fix things. 

Champagne Papi’s voice dances out of radio sets, laptop speakers or wherever and my mood goes down hill. 
 Other times the voice is kind enough and leaves a pleasant memory.. I smile. 

How in the world did I get back to sulking down memory lane?
Axe and Radox scents waft through my airwaves I do a double take. I need to see who dares smell like you.
 I smack my face How dare I remember?

What never let’s you forget me? 
If only memories fixed things, right?

Another boring night on the verge of ending. 
I turn to sleep. 
Throat heavy,Mind woozy-no thanks to champagne Papi. 

Note To self against next time:scents and songs never let you forget.

Tomorrow life will go on. 


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