From The Other Side Of My ‘Lekkoyi’ Bridge


so December is already stretching its hand to the doorbell…

I must say things have really changed.(duh). I had told myself at the beginning of 2013 that ‘2013 must be different’ , infarct i wrote it on the front page of my devotional note book.Amazing , things really have been. All that ‘unpretty’ grunge within? gone with the wind!   I am glad.

As Lagos dwellers have seen, our functioning and capable Governor has built a bridge between Lekki and Ikoyi. This was something that did not exist last year and so i am writing ‘on the other side of my Lekkoyi bridge’ to commemorate the realization, development and letting off of somethings in my life this year. I write as they come to mind.

Here it goes…

I am definitely a seafood fan..still. Starch and Banga are still my good friends.                                                     The Jevnik Native soup doesn’t freak me as much as it used to. 1 Corinthians 13 has reaaally come alive to me this year and believe me practcing the “love is not irritable” bit is  just *hmm* Give me grace Lord.   
I still can not seem to think within a box.                
Interiors, dance, drama, photography, movies ,cooking, shopping … still my thing(s).                                                                               Oh, I already know my wedding colours…
For a change , I am not waiting up for prince charming to knock at the door. Instead, I am in life’s Kitchen making my lemonade with life’s lemons and even pepper soup with the ata rodo she hands me occasionally. Ive set the table, when he comes he is welcome to join the feast.   I still can not get over babies… my new heart throb is BABY Anjie Olomola.        

This gulf (time intervals) between my blog posts,I admit, require serious prayers!

I see that these days I miss my bed more. There is hardly time for faffing… No time anymore.
Hence my conclusion….
I think I want to live in Ibadan. Yep.
I doubt i am about this 9-5 life at least not in Lagos the traffic swallows up time for existing.                      
I realize my friend Michelle is a subtle and serious version of me and my friend Dayo is literally a lock and key match type of friend to me. It almost makes no sense how Dayo and I aren’t born into the same family.                                                                                        

Chunky Senegalese twists? my newest best friends.                                                                                                      I have learnt too much to list about love. Too much but I would say it is very beautiful and I am still very much aware that I am a gem.     
I wonder at times if i can keep up the required spiritual but Jude 24 and Philippians 1:6 let me know everything would be just fine.

I think Kendrick Lamar and M.I are super similar. Red velvet cake is my newest “strength”. I am never going to out grow this love for long flowing dresses. I still think red lipstick is not it for brides on their white wedding…..MY OPINION. 😀

same with low and provocative bust line bridal gowns.

I think nice fabric regal furniture, damask wall paper, Long silk drapes are my typa interiors.. yep!

I have to do something significant in Rome in my life time because It is too beautiful, life is short and hey.. the earth is my Dad’s and its fullness thereof, so why not?
The food , the scenery , the language, the interiors… I have to say “mmm…yum”.

PCB INTERIORS – My interior decoration thing, my new baby. Although I have noticed id rather say “I do or I am into interiors” than “I own a company/ I am an interior decorator”. face book and like PCB INTERIORS and follow @pcb_interiors_ on instagram.  


Anjie baby

Anjie baby


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