To Shemi ; My Unconceived

You know I’m not a cliché typa person. 
I trust our bond to have whispered that to you
during the incubating months.  

I know You haven’t even been conceived,
yet you have been made known to Him. 
The almighty.

I do apologise for not being the perfect example.
I tried.
At least you now know not to tread where mummy fell.

Dear girl, 
I won’t tell you not to love but I’d tell u to do so on ur feet/standing.
I won’t tell you he’s a liar because he called you beautiful.
At least we’ll know his eyes are functioning properly.
But I’d tell you this, 
his stating of facts isn’t enough reason to let him rule you.  

I’d tell you ,
Life is merely a passage every moment must count for good.
Let tomorrow give you a pat on the back for being wise today.   
Laugh like no one is listening. 
Even in the rain but make sure mummy doesn’t sight you, bear in mind that her cane will never be too far. 

Remember that the only tried and tested way to your ololufe’s heart is by putting yours completely in Eledumares hands. 
Believe mummy on this one. She learnt it the hard way. 
Please, be true to who you for there would only ever be one shemi, daughter of Adaugo . 

Oh! And if, By some chance, We ever run into any of my ‘before baba Shemi’, 
I’d introduce you both. 
regardless of how lowly they had esteemed this masterpiece,
This very biological incubator which Eledumare had so carefully moulded to be my earthly vessel
and ultimately His temple, 
He none the less showed me favour by bringing you from it.


*                        *                        *
There would have been a video of my on air performance at igroove radio lagos above of this post, but wordpress has other plans.
Stay blessed!x


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