Dear Blog ; Open Letter To My Blog


Dear blog,
     I know you feel neglected but I haven’t abandoned you. No, really I haven’t.
I have merely embarked on a self integration and personality enhancement journey. Big name right? I know. But that is what best explains the nature of the journey.
Im sure that if I were to share the intricate details of the journey so far with you, I’d take years!
But since I’ve been away for too long and you deserve a reasonable explanation, Id give it a shot any way.
           First and foremost, I have realised that I must step my christian walk up! No more dilly dallying and
letting the passion go cold or any of that.
By his grace the good work christ began in me would be completed to perfection (Phillipians 1:6) and regardless of my weaknesses, he would keep me from sinning because He is able. (Jude 1:24).
It took forever but my innerman feels tons lighter! Haha thank God.
      oh! By the way,  I have finished a book! You know how I never ever used to,  then I started reading but never finished? . Well Well Well, to the glory of God and surprise of humanity I finished a book with over 280 pages in 2 days! I literally could not stop till the end. Fantstic book. *Name Withheld*
       I’m working at an S.AN’s firm. You can imagine I’m mentally filming my own Suits Nigerian Version Season 1.
I’ve been in touch with my creative side (excluding the writer in me *sigh*).
I was opportuned to intern and then take up a part time internship at an interior decoration company, ‘Sixth sense Interiors’. Sounds exciting right? Yep! It really is. Besides that, The company owner is a kind hearted woman who I’m blessed to have met. It truly has been wonderful working there.
Im working on faithfully participating in this year’s Lagos Photo Festival. I have tried my hands on some other things including trying to join the Thespian Family Theatre. Indeed I have favour on EVERY side. I cant even begin to explain what I mean but bear in mind that WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!
I’ve learnt alot too! But I’d only say two things.
1) Familiarity truly breeds contempt, but it at least brings clarity along with it
Simply implies that if you dont ‘draw nigh’ unto someone, you’re not likely to see the real person that they are. When you do see who they are, then you can ignore the contempt and appreciate the experience for bringing clarity along.
2)It is unwise to only be a fan of people who use initiative or what they have to get what they want, why not learn from them?
I have decided to use all I can to get what I am aiming at. Since I started an interior decoration outfit this year and i have learnt this lesson, I have decided to not onl broaden my horizon but put my access to gadgets and internet to good use. The first step I have taken is opening an instagram account for my outfit. I have some followers and I appreciate them. I’d be glad to have more followers who would help spread the word and get at me once they require my assistance. The account name is @Pcb_interiors_ on instagram.
          I’m preparing for an on air poetry performance as well as opening up an avenue for such talent back in Ibadan. God is in control 🙂
           I promise I’d learn to stay in touch girl! Love you.x


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