The Undertaker Shall Be Undertaken

In this life, there’s a time and season assigned to every single thing.
Someday, a new born girl would grow to become a woman and birth her own child.
The same way a doctor would train others who may have cause to treat him later in life, if and when the need arises.
An undertaker will be undertaken by another so would the mortician be attended to by another mortician.

As a young girl brought up in the Western Part of Nigeria, the name M.I.C registered from a very early stage of my life.
It registered due to the nature of the Company’s practice.
The company, MIC- which stands for Magbamowo Industrial Company, Is a well known professional funeral home here in Yorubaland Nigeria.
There is hardly any high society burial conducted in the Western Part of Nigeria without the assistance of M.I.C.
I noticed this as pictures of burials were published in magazines and newspapers.
The beautifully styled caskets were elegantly Labelled “M.I.C”
Their pall bearers never failed to dress tastefully.
They would usually dress according to the taste or profession of the Person being laid to rest and perform some very gymnastic-like dance routines as they bear the caskets of their Clients.
M.I.C is surely a funeral home with class and distinction!
Even though the job in question is surrounded with superstitions and challenges, they perform their duties like wedding planners..or something of the sort.
With so much Joy and class!
This I respect.

I remember reading an interview of the M.I.C owner years back.
Apparently people had made comments like ‘how is it that he’s making money/deriving joy from people’s sadness’
what I remember to be his reply was that he only saw it as a way of helping people bid their loved ones a final farewell because if they did not do it, who would?
This I saw a lot of sense in.
Not many people are as willing to make such an impact on a burial as M.I.C was and is willing to.
I say this because I know personally I’d think more than twice if approached to do such a job.

In 2009 when it was brought to my knowledge that my dear Grandfather had died and was to be buried, I wondered if it would be M.I.C since he was to be buried all the way in the Eastern part of Nigeria.
Although it was not M.I.C that was contracted to conduct the funeral arrangements, I’d like to quote what one of my aunts said , just to show you how much impact M.I.C has on the lives of grieving Nigerians and how well known it has become.
“No, its not M.I.C but its (funeral home name inserted) the M.I.C of Igbo land that would conduct the funeral”.

On the night of my Grandfather’s wake keep, my young cousins were playing and laughing with a young man and their Nannies were not very pleased. After asking why they were uncomfortable, they helped me understand this young man was one of the Pall bearers employed to bear my Eternally asleep Grandfather.
This I must admit rang bells in my head. I wondered how it must be for those working in M.I.C , those who were innocently rendering assistance but yet looked upon strangely.
Now, I’m a deep thinker and half the time I end up thinking way ahead of time and situations. Surely we have all watched movies on how wedding planners’ weddings turn out and all. Now, I’ve always wondered if the owner of a funeral home would know what he/she wants for his own funeral. I’ve always thought of how grand an undertaker’s burial would be, and how he would be repaid after agreeing to do what others ran from!

Yesterday the 4th of October 2013, the owner of M.I.C Tunji Okunsanya and his Son whom he had recently handed over the company to have both left those they trained with no choice but to give the world a show down at their own funeral.
Truly it was a sad occurrence and I take no joy in announcing it. In fact when I heard the news of their passing yesterday I was bitter.
But I’ve recovered at least a lot since I heard the news.

I pray Heaven receives their souls for the kind work of taking it upon themselves to ease the stress of those saying the good byes of their loved ones in the classiest way possible indeed.
I really, really, really (forgive my English) hope that M.I.C does nothing less than a show down for its very own. I trust they will.

Dearest readers,
Be good to those who are bereaved in every way you can be.
God who sees your labour of love would surely repay us as we do this.
But most importantly, death can visit at point in time, in anyway conceivable, regardless of the lifestyle you’re living. The worst thing to do to yourself would be to live in a way that you’d end up spending eternity in death.

Receive Jesus into your heart and life as your saviour (TODAY) and know eternal life.

R.I.P Tunji Okusanya and Tunji Okusanya JR

The Okusanyas and Dele Momodu.

The Okusanyas and Dele Momodu.


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