Will You Tell Them?

Will u tell him?
That u weren’t actually asleep the nights u claimed to have ‘indeliberately’ missed his calls
and neither were you really too busy the days you stood him up last minute.
That instead, you were (purposely) holding me,
like you had your life dangling on a line and it’s safety depended on how well you could assure me that I could fall asleep in your arms.
Will you tell him how much effort you put into trying
to avoid him walking in and ruining our moments?
That even at the expense of your buddy time,
you would steal precious moments to be with me.
Will you ever tell him?

Will you also tell her like you told me,
That she’s the first you held so close and didn’t try to know what her lip gloss tasted like in its dying moment?
Or that at some point you couldn’t “function well” when my mood was crappy?
you’d also say to her
‘You have sense, unlike other babes’
won’t you?
because that wasn’t exclusive was it?
would you bring it to her knowledge that weekends to us simply meant (extra) time to spend together?
That even though you knew he wanted a shot you scored my heart but then you left it.
Like an unwanted pregnancy,
As if ‘I should have been more careful’.
Will u tell her?

Will you tell them
that I was neither bipolar nor merely paranoid or confused,
But that I just couldn’t stand – not even for a second – to share you?
That I couldn’t watch you share yourself out like candy,
While dangling before me the carrot of your ‘squeezed out’ time.
That I just really needed you to tell me alone all those words?
Those you know…
“I miss you
I need you
Its boring without you”
kinda words.
I needed you to hold me,Me alone,close.
will you tell them ?

Because I’ll tell them,
that It no longer hurts to remind myself that you aren’t mine (so I shouldn’t be jealous).
I’d rather spend friday to sunday in my pyjamas and frizzy hair,
than sneaking in and out of your hands around my waist
only to watch you aim so precisely and skillfully at yet another girl.
Or to listen to you slice my heart apart vessel by vessel,
With words like ‘I wish I’d find a girl that likes me for me’.
-I be man?-
Words so mercilessly uttered.
I’ll let them know..
My heart no longer skips a beat when I hear your name,
When I see your face,
Or hear your voice…
I’m over you.

Who should tell them?

*performing this tonight pray for me*


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