Vones Mama.

OgheneVona, the birthday girl

OgheneVona, the birthday girl

To Vones,

(Vones because there’s a medical centre near where I live,it is called ‘Vones Medical Centre’. Plus the subject of the poem is ‘ovona’, so vones… Ovona. I know you get. )

Girl in this new year you gats calm down.
You gats know virginity is a total package and not a partial one.
You gats preserve your wholeness for the one who cares for your soul; God.
Then he’ll hand you to a son of his who actually cares for your soul.
This life is quick sand.
The entirety and totality of it.
It’s a mere passage or corridor if you will.
So enjoy every moment of it with wisdom
Do everything with balance and knowledge of the future.
Don’t chase the wind , let it blow on your face.
Don’t follow the crowd, they don’t care if you’re warm at night.
Remember those that love and care about you and learn to love putting smiles on their face.
But most of all don’t forget to take advantage of the fact that Jesus is forever waiting to commune with you about even the way you had to hide your blush when your crush passed by you.
Become and remain his friend. You just have to.
The lord loves u and he is your strength and shepherd.
Hear him, find his voice, chase it.
Block your ears because every other voice is a cacophony to ur soul.

Happy birthday beautiful. ❤
May God make your days beautiful.
May he give u strength and wisdom for all of life's challenges.
Many Many Many more years girl 😉


3 thoughts on “Vones Mama.

  1. Great post dear. Quite deep! Throughout this year, you should keep reading and re-reading this…

    I know this is late but I’m still gonna say ‘Happy belated Birthday dearie”

    and to answer your question, “No, you don’t know me”…got to your blog from Annabelle’s http://www.annaestbelle.wordpress.com

    Have a beautiful year dear and may God grant you the desires of your heart.

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