Test Ti Moni VI my 20th is Tomorrow!

Since I was backing all my room mates, I remained standing with my back to them and looked at Lola. She saw the look of horror on my face and so she came towards me. When she was beside me she saw what the blood stain, helped me put on my shirt and escorted me to one of the school nurses.
I had bled so much, the nurse had no choice but to change my bandage.
She did this, even though we were meant to wait a week.

I went back to the hostel that evening and I settled into study time. Afterall the next morning was my JAMB exam. I had to get something, anything into my head. I was prepared to cram anything ‘crammable’.
At that point, I felt if I was going to exercise faith in God for exam success I must at make an effort.
Shortly after I had settled down, our elderly House Parent ‘Mummy A’ called me.
She had not been around for a while so I only got to see her after the surgery.
She was very motherly about the entire situation. She encouraged me and asked about my well being.
But she also did something that night that I can never forget. I still laugh when I remember it even.
She chased me out of the study room!
She won’t even let me ‘cram’ the answers I was trying to. She insisted I must rest!
I left for my room with some of the past questions. I tried looking through some of them before drifting off.
All in all I was not at all prepared for the exam.
The next morning, which was the Saturday of the exam, Mummy A prayed for us, I mean those of us writing the JAMB exam. We had our breakfast earlier than the rest of the hostel before assembling at the main gate of the school hostels.
We were joined by our male counterparts and split into groups according to our exam centres and put in buses. I was the only Life forte Candidate posted to the Molete Grammar school.
I was taken by a teacher, Mr Raji, in his car.
When we got to the centre he assisted me in every way possible. He encouraged me and even joined the security guards to search students and avoid forms of exam malpractice!
I found it extremely funny. With the way he carried on you’d have thought he was JAMB chief security officer.
Some how , when it was my turn to be searched, I was not viciously massaged all over. In my opinion that was what the
Female guards were doing to the female candidates.
I thanked God that they somehow missed me because the last thing needed was another bleeding episode in the exam hall.
When it was time to commence the exam, I prAyed a prayer of faith. It could not have been more than five sentences. But I prayed and believed in God that I’d do well. I knew I had tried my possible best and so I decided I’d leave the rest to God.
During the exam my neighbours nudged me and asked for answers. I did not reply them and so they hissed at me and I did the same.
After the exam, I did not wait to know how they took my ‘reply’. I quickened my steps and Mr Raji and I disappeared before the crowd of candidates left their exam halls.

With JAMB written, what was left to face was the Cambridge GCE o’level.
Although, a week after jamb everyone apart from me heard their result. Whenever I passed a group of people and they were discussing JAMB results, I admit I was slightly worried. I did not know what to think or expect.
I decided I’d make no effort to know my score and focus on this great Cambridge that I had chosen over the WAEC exam for some reason.
As I was trying to focus my mind on the exam, I had to deal with daily visits to the doctor for dressing the site of the lumpectomy. At times, I had to leave in the middle of tutorials and lessons as my class mates studied.
As for mathematics, My tutor Aunty Femi challenged me. She asked me “Are you not a Christian?” And a very surprised me replied “Yes aunty”. She told me to take it before God seriously which I did.
I fasted and prayed. After this I took my time and practised the almighty subject. I had to ace it, I was done failing it.
I had failed it for six years straight. Except once in a junior year mid term report when I got an A*.
Mummy A had told us to write by faith what we hoped to score in each subject. This I did. I just needed to ace this exam at least to be able to enter a higher Institution.
She also had this song she always sang during morning prayers. I started to sing it in faith concerning Mathematics.
It was something like this…
“Gbo gbo iko lo wa o. Da won pada fun wa o… Oluwa”
Forgive me if I misspelt it but I knew it to be a plea to God. A plea to help recover all lost ground.

Before the exams kicked off, my mum called me one evening. She called sounding relieved and joyful. After we exchanged pleasantries she let me know the result of the histology done on the lumps…. I did not have cancer, the lumps were benign.

When the exams started I was excited and a bit anxious. Excited because I knew graduation was near And anxious because I did not want to fail and have to hold unto surgery as an excuse.
So, during exam I studied extra hard, especially sociology and CRS. I noticed I had a thing for those two.
The day of the mathematics exam I was a bit shaky but eventually calmed down.
During the exam I seemed to tackle the first and second questions confidently but the fire died down after!
I ended up ‘explaining’ my understanding of the questions in y answer script. Believe it or not. I was not going to give up without an effort
After the exam I remember Pastor Kunle who was a director of the school asked how it went, though in all honesty I was scared and very unsure, I told him I knew when the results came out it would be pasted on the school board without shame.
The exams gradually wound to a close. We all studiously and excitedly anticipated the end. I still remember the last day of exam.
It was friday June 11 2010.
We had Economics MCQ and our stern invigilators knowing we would be excited warned us not to make noise.
We could not help it.
My mum and many other parents were waiting for us in the school Administrative block. I remember jumping excitedly on my way to my mums car.
the next day I went to an A level college called bridge house. I wrote their entrance exam , I was interviewed and accepted into the school.
My mum decided that we should hold unto it as we explored other options.
Needless to say, the activities that followed after were serious!
We all retuned to school on monday the 14th. Each girl had their hair nicely done in preparation for the prom, dinner with the C.E.O of the school, Mrs Sarah Johnson and of course for the graduation. For each of these ceremonies , I made sure I looked my best. Six years is no joke especially when the devil tried to end it with fear and anxiety.

At this point, I know I would never be able to finish my attempt to articulate the gravity of mercy and favour God showed and gAve to me in the year 2010, so here is an attempt at listing it…

…..I graduated from my class as best in African history & Government….
…..I finally sought after my Jamb result early in July at the Jamb ‘headquarters’ in ikoyi Lagos and it was 234 over 400! Remember I had not studied….
…I followed my girl Elo to Benin and we soldified a friendship that will definitely change the world. She surprised me on my 17th birthday, she got Jesse jags to call me. At the time I was a huuuge fan.
…I got a C in my math for the first time in 6yrs after constantly failing…
….I wrote an entrance exam into a private university (ABUAD). I was accepted for political science and my admission into the 1st and best university to study Law was pending. But we let the ABUAD admission go and I was accepted into univerity of Ibadan after SEVERAL hiccups with the school portal!
The admission came when I was writing an exam (NECO) and I had refused to cheat with the rest of the candidates.
….This to many may not be a big deal, but I won a ticket to attend the Soundcity Music Video Awards….
…I was invited to the beautiful Cross River state by the first Lady to spend christmas with her and Model in a show of hers. I had fun. I can not begin to explain…..

In summary God rewarder my faith and left me with a testimony even in the midst of my test.
Here it is my test ti moni 🙂

The account of my wonderful year 2010.
There’s nothing too big or small for God to do.
Faith is very vital as a christian, this you must know.
I thought I’d publish a proper book, have a wonderful cover and all. I had even imagined a proper launch. Something like what Betty Irabor had when publishing her book, “Morning Dew”.
I imagined I’d have people like M.I perform and read out pages of my book to the audience, from a nicely done up stage by a company like sixth sense maybe. Or even ME (Pink Carnations& Butterflies). BUT everything happens for a reason.
So I’m cancer free and twenty (in a bit )
Don’t forget to count your blessings.
Stay blessed…x


6 thoughts on “Test Ti Moni VI my 20th is Tomorrow!

  1. Happy birthday dearie. Really grateful to God on your behalf. For the rest of your years here on earth, I pray that God will perfect all that concerns you and you will continually be a living witness of his love and grace. HBD once again.

  2. This is really very inspiring. Thank God for your life. Are you still planning to write the book you mentioned? I think you should. This testimony should go far to strengthen and encourage many.

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