9 steps(days) to 20

1994.. Nne & I

1994.. Nne & I

So yesterday I started a reminiscence trip. Mentioning things I’ve discovered about life and myself today I’d continue. I’ve had SOOO many phases growing up!
I remember having Many barbie dolls and naming each of them. I remember having many sleep overs at the okeke’s and the Iroro’s. I also remember collecting the stickers that came in those barbie lollipops. I cannot forget the cinderalla phase (which I think I’m still in at times) I was so deep in the phase that my mums eldest sister gave me a Cinderella-like dress to wear on my seventh birthday. There was the Raven Symone phase. Wow I loved that babe to no end!
There was (and still is) the liquid milk phase. Then came the shakira and belly dancing phase which extended to secondary school after seeing belly dancers in the middle east lol! I’m still a wonderful belly dancer when I chose to be though. Lol I cannot forget the taking center stage or taking over mic phase of my life. I remember being the Mc at events in primary school, being the Mc and choir conductor at the pre graduation event in primary school , being the lead dancer at the primary school valedictory service and being the choir conductor again six years after at my secondary school valedictory service.
I’m gonna say this *sigh.. Covering face* I still haven’t passed the dancing when I really need to ‘go’ phase, I’ve been in that since childhood.
I remember having a massive and annoying crush on jesse jags and loosing my voice screaming because he called me on my 17th birthday. I also wrote a story about marrying M.I july 2010 due to boredom after graduation (lol) but I’m too embarrassed to publish it abeg.
I’ve noticed I hate doing things the ‘usual’ way. That can be boring. I like surprises and spontaneity
I hate how sweet names like hun, love and boo have become bastardised even babes that hate each other call themselves that! I only call 3 people that name chibuzor eniola and baby Ella.

About People I’ve met.hmmmm!
I’ve grouped them, there are
The smashers – They have taken me from when I was down and I believed I was at my worst and showed me things could be worse by hurting and making things worse. Like more Paranoia and sadness etc.
The builders- Like family members and loved ones. They tell me truth
And play their role in making me a better person.
The silent killers/slow poisons- The ones that have posed as friends but have helped me destroy the good name I actually made an effort to build.
The pillows –
I may not spend enough time with these people, but they are always just there.I love them and they know but I just may not be with them a lot.
I tried hard not to mention names so I don’t offend anyone by leaving them out.
After passing all these human bus tops, I’ve come to understand that everyone we meet, we meet them for a reason.

I didn’t forget I was meant to talk about my 2010 test-ti-moni here it is……

2003-Primary school Valedictory

2003-Primary school Valedictory


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