10 Steps(days) To 20

on My first birthday

on My first birthday

So I’d be a year older in exactly 10 days. Hmm. Enough water has passed under the bridge. That’s all I can really say. I had intended to write a whole lot but I haven’t been able to. I’d still do my best to say all I have to.. While I’m 19. Lol.

God has been faithful indeed.
I’ve had a very interesting ride to this mile stone and this write up is basically an unedited heartfelt reminiscence.
So I’ve been in existence for two decades basically. Hmm
I have to thank my parents. They have really invested in me especially in exposing me and widening my wealth of experience. To be honest though I think my mum did her best so no bloke would come along and entice me with words like ohh ‘I can show you the world… Take you wonder by wonder’ sound familiar? Lol. She basically wants me to be able to say ‘nahh my mum has done that already and flick my weave’. Lol

I won’t try and make this journey sound 100 percent perfect. To be honest I thought I’d have reached some major milestones in my writing perhaps written a novel or two, I thought I’d have been acting a series and maybe starred in a movie that years after everyone can’t stop talking about. Most times I get the feeling I have either been to scared or too confident at too many points in time and I’ve ended up letting too many things slip out of my hand. I’m no longer in my teens and anything I achieve now would be accredited to my adulthood and not my teen age anymore. For instance “Ada wrote a book when she was fifteen” can’t say that again. I’m twenty.. Wow sounds weird. I still remember my childhood and secondary school days so vividly. I remember imagining I was a model or so and strutting to assembly or the teachers staff room or even daydreaming in the middle of class about getting married to my class crush and having a child as cute as my cousin mimi who was such a beautiful baby. Imagine? such a hyperactive imagination in primary 4?

So I’m twenty ? In about 3years, the tone with which my mum teases about bringing home a suitable son in law would change from playful to worried to maybe even stern. Wow.
At some point in time , way before now, I thought by now I’d be seeing ‘him’. With all the fuzzy disney technicolor imagination of romance and young love I had esp. since my aunties Angela and Bibi keep proding and asking about the ‘bobo’s’ in my life. But there’s still time praise God. I remember at some point in my life where I felt it was so important to make a significant impact on the boboks life, that way you’d be too relevant to him and you’d be priceless in his eyes , and you’d become a very “Don’t throw her away, you won’t find another like her” type of babe. Lol. All part of the disney technicolor fairy tale blur. I know I’d still make a significant difference in someones life I’m sure it would be unexpected and unplanned when I’m relaxed and not counting the days.
At this stage I have very serious thoughts and opinions. They’re mine so I don’t expect anyone to agree with me 100%.
I think kisses are more meaningful than handshakes and they’re abused when handed out recklessly. I think good memories are very important but when created based on a something that was actually not there {but thought to be there}, then they automatically become memories that need to be forgotten. I think being with or marrying someone when your heart is elsewhere is the worst think you can do to who you’re with. I also happen to think you never really know much about anyone till you walk in their shoes. I learnt there’s no trial I’ve been thru that’s peculiar to me, someone else has been thru the same. I’ve learnt we go through stuff so God can teach us soime needed lessons. I’ve discovered I’m more confident infront of a crowd than an individual.

I discovered that grey isn’t all that bad as a colour for decorating a home when matched with a pleasant shade of orange or maybe lilac or even baby pink.
I noticed I have a thing for being held like a baby and I hate being spoken to like a ‘thing’.
I’ve relaxed on the marriage bants. if you know me well, you’d know I was very very marriage focused. I’m not saying I don’t want to get married to my dream bloke, have a lovely wedding or not bear twins. I’m just saying the intensity and ‘over seriousness ‘ has ‘normalised’ basically. Lol.
I know I still want to act, dance, write and sell ideas to people.
I still REALLY want to write my 2010 story which I had mentally titled ‘Test-ti-moni’. I want to use it to touch the lives of young girls all over the world by first of all edifying and encouraging them in their faith in God and also create further awareness of breast cancer to avoid………..
I have a splendid Idea. 🙂 join me tomoro on the ‘9th step toward twenty’ and I tell you my “2010 test-ti-moni”


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