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Permit me to use the one greeting that cracks me up…
Happy sunday. 🙂
I don’t think its a coincidence that the last day of the first half of this year fell on a sunday. God knew exactly what he was doing so we could all render our praise and thanks to him on this work free day.
Without further ado, I’d like to list the people and things I’m grateful that I got between January and now.

A wonderful(<–emphasis on this) new friend. When I went through some major challenges and I actually felt the walls were closing in on me. This 'human' lol stepped in and though they couldn't save the day, they surprised me because they stayed by me and their words still throw me of balance and have me thinking "is this human really in my age grade" each time they speak… Shocking wisdom.
I'm basically grateful for the friend God showed me in january even though I already knew them since july last year. Took me Looong enough right?
Also VERY thankful for the idea I believe was divinely given. To help use my imagination to brighten up interiors.

-My wonderful beautiful mother extraordiare for deciding to be my wonderful valentine. Haha.
My lovely (dami) turned a year older and helped me forget I had no date on february 14th especially as we went on our own little adventure. Lol. I'm actually grateful that we found Fun and we were kept safe. 🙂

– VERY thankful for safe trip home and a super fun easter with my mum, sister aunt bibi and 'young davido'.
Thankful that I saw my girl elo and the wonderful evening we spent like 20 eggs tryna make dinner *sigh*, also for the wonderful ruby woo lipstick sowed into my life. Lol
Very thankful that I saw and held baby ella the belle for the first time..*sigh* lovestruck!
Thankful that I aced my roman republic test!!!! Whoop! That was reaaaallly to the glory of God and I have to say tuale baba!:)

– Cementing of a bond made in heaven with one of my gals.
Extremely Grateful for my God mother.

– Further Cementing. Lol.
Divine provision! This threw me off balance. Doors I least expected were opened unto me.
I'm also super grateful for my auntie Angela and Auntie Evarista for being a blessing in the month of may.
Retention & Successful completion of exams.
Oh and of course helping me keep it all together even in VERY mind boggling times.

JUNE- Divine Safety,coupled with a divine surprise that brought peace like a river and restored a 'special joy' I had already deemed lost. Lol
and *fireworks* My younger sisters success in school!! ^__^
Very grateful for the testimony of exam success of my friends too. God crowned their efforts. How wonderful! May sounds of joy not depart our dwellings in Jesus name.. Amen:)
And this list can't be complete if I don't thank God for saving me this month from all the dangers of the murky waters I've willingly walked into. Smh.
There's obviously more but these are the like highlights.

In church today the pastor advised that. we all get a 'thanksgiving journal'.
A book where we record the good things God gives us or does for us daily… Yes, daily. This way, when we're presented with an opportunity to really thank God, we have a clear idea of what to thank him for and we can thank him properly. So I guess that's an addition to my birthday list. Lol
One last thing, I think God is too good. A guy gave a testimony in church on how his cousin couldn't have kids for 9 whole years but then last week she gave birth to sextuplets. I'm just awed.

Stay blessed, stay grateful be thankful!


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