Musings of a second fiddle


She’ll say to her momentary love…

Come come…
Lets share borrowed love and kisses into the night and as the wind whistles
I’d love you…

Let me hold you in my arms very tightly
So I can hear your heart beat loudly
I’d breathe you…

When we’re finally together we’d lay on scented sheets
Whisper in each others ears till our hearts skip countless beats.
I’d rock you…

When the rooster at dawn crows
And the pain from the need for us to temporarily part grows
I’d kiss you…

It is never easy to watch you leave
But it doesn’t matter, because whether or not you believe,
I’d dream you…

… Lets be together one more time. Decieve ourselves in our thinking,  our wishing. Lets console ourselves knowing that we own eachother, at least for now…
Mistress, thats allshe would ever be.
***taken from the archives; written november 2010. Remember not to take this too seriously for i am a different person when i pick up a pen***


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