Welcoming July In The Spirit of List Making




Hello everyone! 🙂

So, It has been a month and two days since I last posted. I have been waiting and mentally constructing the perfect comeback post(s). Im done with that because it has evidently been futile. Plus the absence is actually killing me.
Well, the last month has not been half bad. Exams finished, i hung with my girls, went home and had a swell time with my family and family friends. To the glory of God my sister performed extremely well in her elementary school exams and trust my parents are bursting with pride…Lol. God also surprised me personally and words cannot express my gratitude to him 🙂
A few days from now, the world would be entering or shall i say welcoming (Wole soyinka’s, Nelson Mandela’s,Lady Diana’s…) my birth month and i have taken it upon myself,  in the spirit of list making, to List a few things in no particular order that i would not mind recieving as presents… No partcular order, no pressure.
1)Brown pressed powder.. Mac
2)Sleek eyeshadow palette of playful and bright colours
3)A nikon camera
4)A benz E350
5)Any pleasant smelling perfume that wont choke my neighbour
6)A kjv bible with concordance
7)Ruby woo lipstick
8)A massive bottle of olive oil or a large amount of shea butter
9)amazing maxi dress(es)
10)A morgan de toi dinner dress.
11)Black suede high heels
12)many black dresses for law classes
I’d expand the list as the needs increase lol!


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