The alternaaaate universe…. Emphasis on alternate for obvious reasons.

So i was daydreaming the other day when the thoughts graduated to a very new realm indeed.
In this day dream, i proposed to a friend of mine, name withheld for the good of humanity… Don’t bother guessing you’d never guess right.
Anywayyyy, As i was about to laugh at the thought, the daydream developed branches and grew out literally…
I imagined him excited like a girl,  showing off his ring and announcing “she proposed!”.
I imagined him excited, anxious and having serious fits during the wedding preparation period, just as any bride to be would have been.Running from pillar to post seriously stressed out with wedding arrangements.
I also imagined that though i still wore the white gown had the bouquet and all as the woman, I stood on the left as the groom should and he took my surname.
Talk about major role switch!
It would be cool to switch the feelings, expectations and mushyness once in a while. I would like to see what the ‘tough ones’ look like in bride-to-be shoes, anxiety, cold feet, hormonal changes, doubt et al that come with loving or being in love…
Maybe then we would seem less like drama queens and more like normal people… Maybe.
That would be all for now, I just wanted to share the daydream.
Ciao, stay blessed…x


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