Just a thought… Maybe two…or three.



It has been a while, I must apologise to my baby (the blog) and my wonderful followers… Love you guys..kisses!
Well it has been five months already since this wonderful year started, isn’t God wonderful?
I’ve gotten closer to a number of wonderful people, I’ve learnt lessons the hard way and so much more.
Oh and my younger sister born sunday the 21st of April 2002 turned eleven on sunday 21st April 2013.. She had grown so fast! Shes so canny and literally too smart for her age. Lol. Thank God for her. I remember praying viciously for a younger sister when everyone else hoped for a boy… Hehe.
I have criminal law exam tomorrow though, so I would go straight to the point and return to the books. Have a sister in your prayers please.
So today being sunday, i was in church. Trust that the service was uplifting, fantastic and very ‘your life would never remain the same’ triggering… Im sure you get the picture. Lol.
While in church i thought of the many times ive felt unworthy especially since as a christian, i’m meant to be an example to others on how to live like christ but of course i have in one way or the other disappointed God, myself and those looking up to me. But as i was singing praises and dancing unto the lord in church it came to me……
i’m not saved by works but by grace through faith… So how then would i be diswualified from God’s love and salvation by my works??
Of course i felt alot better and i know im not to take this for granted. I remembered how it would literally eat me up inside to think of the fact that while im ‘slacking’ God would raise another person to do that which im to have done and yet easted time to do…. The thought sucks, trust me but i now know better than to  keep slacking and sit up.
I know now that im not to depend on my strength but rather on God’s own because i’m weak and He is strong and through my weaknesses or at my weak points, his strength is made known.
Lest i forget, i know certain things sre permissible but don’t neccessarily aid ones spiritual growth and therefore should be cut off to avoid unnecessary set backs.
I have to go now.. Still have things to cover. I’d be back to tell you how wonderful criminal law was. Also, just by the way.. I’d be writing a long-short non fictional story on how my 2010 went, expect that soon :-):-):-)
Stay blessed…x


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