This Time last Year

This is nothing mega. Just a post from a hyperactive memory.

I might be the only one who has a retentive memory that can be a uber hyperactive at times. Hyperactive in that it quickly and at times annoyingly remembers times like ‘this time yesterday’ ‘this time last week’ ‘this time last month’ ‘this time last year’.
But I know for sure that I’m not the only one who thinks that this time last year , things were obviously very different.
Well, I’d be saying a few things that were at this time last year.

I Can’t really remember the date but I know it was in the third week of the month march… Or was it?
that I went on my very ‘1st night out ‘ with one of my roomies, a friend of mine called dami and my brother ‘ollie puffs’. That day the word ‘kpadjing’ became part of our vocabulary due to a slip of my roomie’s tongue. It was formed from the words paraing (i.e to be vexing) and charging (used to express excitement, anger or ‘un calmness’). Paraing+charging=kpadjing

I know at this time last year I had just made a couple of new friends and acquaintances. I was either adjusting to them or ‘detaching’ from them. I also had my hair in braids for the first time since 2010. I said I wouldn’t braid again for a while because I wanted to grow my hair but I got tired of weaves and so I braided.

On the 28th which I believe was a wednesday, I missed a class which I seriously dreaded.
Don’t ask me how I remember these things.
Anyway, I Was taken out. Got pizza , sat in a car by a dam had pizza, a longgg conversation indeed. Then, I tried to make it for my second class but it didn’t hold eventually.

On the 29th I went for my 1st proper party which was organised by fellow students. On the way there I was almost stopped from going but I wriggled out of the tight and super scary situation with the statement “I’m a law student of this University… Is there a problem?”.
At the party, I got my phone ‘obtained’ from me. 😦
This obviously led to a lot of unforeseen drama which opened my eyes to the true nature of people around me.
The next day(30th) being a friday, a classmate and I wore our ‘kiri-kiri-star Oleku’ (see picture below).
I was super sleepy because I had stayed up all night and was obviously exhausted.
I, Still on th 30th, agreed to a semi formal contract that determined the rest of my 2012. Interestingly, this contract would have been a year old tomorrow but has been dissolved.

(Bits of) This time last year…
(published 29th march)


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