I don’t take boredom very well. I know I’m in school and I’m meant to be studying but in this weather when the power is out, the heat takes on a whole new dimension which completely discourages studying *sigh*… Thankfully, its back on so I can study.

Now to the ‘koko’ of today’s ‘oro’ {the point of today’s talk}, It has been three whole months since christmas and santa has not sent black magic [or even a representative] to sing ‘Repete’ to me. Yes, its that deep and no I haven’t gotten over the song.
When the song first came out late last year my memory card was acting up. That time, I’d go to hulkshare with my browser just to listen to the song.
The combo of the song lyrics and Black magic’s ‘cool, calm and relaxing ‘ voice equals wow!… No, really.
To think that it can ever get THAT serious for anyone is quite encouraging particularly to us ‘learners’ and ‘ anti-cupid’s’.. Lol.
Especially with all the
‘I love it when you smile at me’
‘I wanna talk to you no be free call’
‘When you sleep I’ll find my way into your dreams’
‘Mofe ko je bi ore o’
‘Your a hottie but to me you a cool mama (mama)
Teach me how to love you
Take me back to school mama’

Well without further ado, if you haven’t listened to the song you really really should. (hope the link works)


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