She can be naïve and yet canny.

She’s too trusting but yet so paranoid.

She can sit in a corner and take in all the events as they unfold and on the morrow, she assumes the role ‘centre of attention’.

An extremist at her worst.

She dreams of fairy tales, happy endings and the like

She has not lost touch of reality.

She doesn’t wish to be a set back to anyone just as she isn’t hoping to be set back by anyone.

Somehow, the struggle to find a good balance deprives her of many of her heart desires.
Causing her to use her ‘brakes’ even when she wishes not to.
Especially when she’ll rather lay on a rooftop,whisper sweet nothings to and count stars with the one she can’t stop thinking about and claim his own mind space as he has subtly possessed hers.
somehow, they’re not at all on the same page.

She would analyse the most insignificant of your actions and secretly hope to no end that you’re not taking her for a ride.

She could purposely return your missed calls hours later hoping the delay would somehow mask her excitement from hearing your voice.

She’ll never ask for much but the little she hopes you’d give is ‘much’ in her opinion.

The size of your pocket?
It doesn’t matter,
Not to her anyway.

She may not seem to pay much attention but hardly does anything happen without her noticing.

She’ll hope you’re proud enough to show her off, but not with the pride in a ‘trophy’ kind of pride.

She’ll hope for your attention, try her best not to act like it and wish you want her enough to pay it anyway.

It would hurt her the moment it becomes obvious that her anticipation was futile.

She would sleep in your arms,praying her raiments won’t end up on the floor along with your respect for her.

She would listen to your heart beat and wish that the clock would be gracious enough to bless her with time as she imagines her heart and yours beating as one.

She would watch you as your face travels towards hers and your eyelids gum, wondering…
What’s on his mind?
Am I one of his many?
Hope this isn’t my only use to him?

The day she realizes it wasn’t at all exclusive to her,
that day her wall would return to its position..
Towering taller and stronger over and around her emotions and weaknesses.
Then, She’ll lean against the wall as it stands higher than it previously did, holding her head in her hands as she calls herself names, regretting her decision to allow the wall come down.

That’s how she is…


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