Ode To The Oreo

The oreo is a [very] special type of sandwich biscuit crafted with some of the most magical ingredients(milk and chocolate) on planet earth, for the most magical effects on any human being. The cookies come in different forms and flavours but no matter which of them you have, your taste buds would surely dance a fandango to the moon and back!
This write up is the first of a series ‘odes’ to come. These odes would be to or for most of the edibles I consider heavenly.
I’m not gonna deny that I’m a foodie, yes… Goodie the foodie!
I will one day explain the difference between the glutton and the foodie… There’s a universe of difference between them. Don’t get it twisted.
Truth be told though,this write up on the oreo is not ‘an ode’ rather, it is just a disorganized list of few and extremely condensed reasons why you should be in love with oreos [just like me!! :-D]

Here It goes…

*There’s a popular saying that goes ‘black is beautiful’ I can bear witness to this because I’m black and I’m beautiful *flips hair*. Okay seriously take a look at that cookie again. Its like a dark guy with a white smile. That can be a refreshing sight to behold. 🙂

*Its made from chocolate! Anyone that knows me well knows I’m of the opinion that chocolate is one of the best things that ever happened to me… Its that serious,yes

*Milk is also key ingredient! Most of my friends never seem to understand why I’m so crazy about milk especially my roommates. When I buy a tin of powdered milk it doesn’t last me up to a fortnight… Its that bad 😦
The cookie structure also encourages dunking in milk.. Isn’t that just a wonderful feature?
You can carefully un-twist the cookie halves , lick the creamy filling that has been carefully plastered unto one of the halves OR you could just dunk it in a glass of milk and love it!
how generous and thoughtful of a cookie to give options! ^.^

*In its seemingly ordinary structure/layout which is dark on the outside and white on The inside, It actually passes a message “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Thanks to my knowledge of fine art black represents “evil” and white represents “good”. The oreo cookie is dark on the outside and its white(the cream) on the inside… I’m sure you get the point! Lol
*Finally, it would rather crumble than break your heart!
It literally lacks the ability to break your heart so it won’t therefore you can trust it


Just incase you’re wondering why I’m hyping the oreo, I’d have you know that oreos turned 100 last year. As in 100 years in existence & business.
So my dear reader, this is very ‘necessary ado’ about a cookie… Do your self a favour and don’t be left out.
If you haven’t had an oreo [cookie, cake, muffin, cupcake, ice cream] before or you haven’t fallen in love with the biscuit just yet, waste no more time and join the foodie train of oreo lovers. Twist them , dunk them love them! 🙂

Long live the oreo!!
Have a blessed week!


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