Words and Tooth paste…

Ever wondered what words and toothpaste have in common?
Stay with me and find out … 🙂

I’ve come to understand the power of spoken words so I don’t just let anything slip, even things perceived as insignificant. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean I never ever say just anything, I’m saying that I make a conscious effort not to.

A while ago… maybe about three years ago, I followed a weekly TV show called “The Wife Swap”. The rule of the programme is that two different families swap the woman or mum of their different households.
If you’ve already imagined that this would more often than not, lead to some form of drama,then you’re right.
I remember an episode clearly because the wife who was taken to another household seemed particularly wise.
She always had a word of advise or two for the girls of her temporary household, her temporary daughters if you will. The girls being ‘wild’, unruly and spoiled felt (like my Nigerian brethren would say) that ‘her own was too much’ and so they scoffed at her and made mean comments about her in her absence. To them, It seemed she was a ‘party pooper’ always advising and admonishing. I pitied them because I could only imagine what they would all turn out to be
One day, the girls were bickering and then their “temp.mum” decided to sit them down and give some advice on the power of words.
She brought a toothpaste tube, squeezed it,and allowed the girls take turns in trying to put the toothpaste back in its tube. No one succeeded,of course.
After this exercise, she pointed out that words are like toothpaste. Once we’ve said them, we can not retrieve them nor can they be tucked back into our lips… just like the toothpaste. The speaker and receiver are left to deal with the effects of the words.
I remember that episode a lot particularly because of the simple,yet wise way, by which she passed across such a deep message.
I’m not perfect at using words wisely, at least not yet but I know I adhere [to a large extent] to the principle of “confession is possession”.
I believe very strongly that what you say would come to you. How it works is that,you start saying something all the time, you start believing it, then it starts having effect on your perspective and then on the circumstances around you because your mind is conditioned to believe that things would turn out the way you have been saying them.
“After all, faith calls things that aren’t as though they are and they become”. (Romans 4:17)
I also believe strongly that what you say to people has a great effect on their day, mood and life as a whole. So its a general duty of ours to say edifying things to them.
Your words have an effect on the impression people would have of you. You can’t speak ‘anyhow’ and not expect people to regard you ‘anyhow’. You simply can’t have an absolutely lewd vocabulary and expect people not to regard you as vulgar… Makes no sense at all.

Who have you hurt with your words recently?
What words do you need to stop speaking?
What edifying and positive words do you need to include in your vocabulary?
That statement you really want to utter, how necessary or edifying is it?

In all you do, remember your words are like toothpaste, you can’t take them back once you’ve said them.

Let’s adjust and think before we talk.
God bless…x


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