Speaking of forgiveness, grudges, bitterness and unforgiveness , this picture is quite apt.
The butterfly could represent anyone of us and the stone represents a grudge.
With the help of a single snapshot, we are shown what un forgiveness does to people who harbor it.

It really is not something we should harbour because it really does not help.
I’m not even judging anyone that finds it hard to forgive because personally, its a challenge I face daily especially as I’m very sensitive.
Most times I wonder how to go about it, I actually wonder how to. Because one moment you can actually decide to let go of the feeling of being hurt and disappointed, you can also decide not to be so upset with whoever vexed you anymore but something somehow would remind you and the feeling returns in full force like it never left!
It can actually be very annoying!

Today to the praise and glory of God’s name, I FINALLY watched a movie that I have wanted to watch for sooo long. The title of the movie is Two Brides and a Baby.
In the movie, a lady was jilted by her fiancé who promised her heaven,earth and never to leave her(the usual). He left when She told him that she was pregnant (which makes no sense to me at all). He started dating another lady and proposed to her. By some funny coincidence, the fiancée he dumped, turned up at his wedding rehearsal. I’m sure you guessed that so much drama followed her showing up. She tried her possible best to make him pay dearly for what he did to her.
Eventually, she was the loser.
How sad, the broken hearted girl lost the man and has a baby to remind her of the man that walked away when the baby wanted to join the picture. Hmm!
This is enough to make anyone bitter for the rest of their life.
I sincerely apologize to those who haven’t watched the movie seeing as I’ve already killed the suspense for them.
If the jilted fiancée had just forgiven the guy who dumped her, the loss won’t have been so ‘all up in her face’ especially since after all the drama she was present at his wedding to the other girl where he publicly apologized to her for walking away as if all he did to her was step on her toe by and then went ahead to tell those present how much he loved his bride.

Learn to let go of hurt and disappointment.
Don’t be the babe who misses the good guy or makes him pay because all the other guys were jerks.
Don’t be the one to take matters of ‘revenge’ into your own hands rather than leaving them for God to handle.
Trust me, when it comes to shaming your adversaries, you won’t do a better job than God will. You can’t.
I know why I uttered this statement.
At the end of the day forgiveness pays.
It pays because unlike the beautiful butterfly tied down by the bitterness that accompanies un forgiveness (which goes ahead to hinder advancement) , forgiveness sets you free and makes you the better person.

We should all learn to let things go.
I will learn to let things go.
So help me God.


7 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. Yes you ruined the movie for me. But, you also taught me a lesson that i desperately needed to hear again. So thanks. And i hope you keep your promise.

  2. On the contrary, I’d love to see the movie myself. I love this anyway and I think you can take your writing to another level. I’ve got prying eyes on your blog since I saw ur posts at dindindara lol

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