Cupid Don’t Be Stupid

Love…. (You must be thinking here we go again, well…)

I think it exists. Matter of fact I over believe in it.
My impression of love was super irrational and excessively emotional before but thanks to those that have slapped me out of cloud 9 and dragged me back to reality, I really needed that.
Come to think of it, I even owe cupid a few punches if he should ever mistakenly appear before me.
You don’t wanna know why, trust me.
If you ask me , love is something you really shouldn’t fiddle with if your intentions are impure and if you heart is feeble. Take it from someone who knows and understands.
I said if your intentions are impure because you never realize the extent as to which you hurt someone that really values you and what they feel for you. When you just do as you like, you’d just mess up their view on so many things and cause so much harm all in the name of having fun. Why be a bitter lesson when you can and should be a blessing?
But then again if you’re young and have such a long road ahead of you before ‘settling down’ why task yourself or that dude? You know he’s young and he would want to travel the corners of the earth and see all he thinks he has not seen so why give him such a huge load as your heart ? He’s only likely to smash it to pieces and most times its not even on purpose, he’s just not ready!… Just saying.
Its not the age , time or season for major commitments rather its the time to gather achievements.
If you haven’t achieved anything with your life most especially if you haven’t attained a certain level of spiritual maturity its best not to dabble into it because love comes with emotions, attachments and so much drama that only maturity can brave. This is just my honest opinion.

I also said you shouldn’t go into love if you are feeble because….
I can’t find the words but I bet these instances of lines and drama that cupid has caused babes like me to hear and see should help you understand …

*Ella’s grandma dies and she’s chatting with mr z who is supposed to be her ‘better half’ (pffft!)

Mr z: (after saying sorry and the like). Should I leave u till u get better?

(2days after, mr z has a mood swing)
Ella: sorry, should I leave you to get better?
Mr z: Ella, so if I actually say you should leave me, u would leave me?

Someone find me, I’m still confused.
How did a mood swing which was obviously to seek attention supersede a grandma’s death? Isn’t that even when you’re needed the most?

*Mr R cheats on his babe (zizi) with riri. She discovers, it raises some dust but they settle their dispute. At a social gathering, Mr R brings riri to zizi smiling jaw to jaw. Then he holds riri and poses with her in a jovial manner for zizi to take a pic of THEM using zizi’s phone.
Lol. Lol. Lol.!

Do you still think love is for the tender at heart just because stupid cupid has paid you a visit?

Oooh! One last one.
How can I forget?.

*Andy is dating mandy and he CASUALLY tells her “I was whyning miss becca the other day sha, I was really telling her how much I love her. She even asked so you love two ladies and I…..” Mandy tunes off at this point. Becca has been pressuring Andy to have a thing with her and she knows Mandy very well.

But really what kind of insult is that?

*sisi is ill and she tells her bobo. He comes to her place, picks her up and takes her to a main road which is an express way, asks her to cross over to the pharmacy and he says he would wait for her, she would be fine. He whiles time away by messaging on his phone while sisi who is ill crosses to and fro to buy her medication.
Okayyyy. You best kill that bug!

By the way these stories are not made up. The girl in each instance is real and is either a hopeless romantic just like me or sought love at the wrong time with the wrong people. Long story short!
love is not for the weak hearted and if you have God by your side, you won’t be weak.

Hmmm cupid,
If at this point, you’re still considering infecting me with the love bug.m.
Oh cupid, do-not-be-stupid.

As I was saying,
give God the first place priority and every other thing would fall in place. Leave love for now and build yourself. Life is for living not for loving different people on trial and error basis, battering you heart and then loving your true love with a dead heart… Nah, that’s not the way forward.
Give your heart a break and keep your love for ‘the one’.
Thankfully, I’ve come to understand that the only time I’d ever be ready for love is after I’ve worked on the love of God in my life. If I don’t love him, obey and subject to him how then would I be able to do that to a man?

To be honest, it won’t be half bad if I wake up early on february 14th and someone would call me to come out of my hostel and then he would hand me maybe a cake and or a massive teddy bear… Yes!! What? I dream big like that!
After my classes in the evening, I’d get a call to be ready in an hour. Then I’d dress up really fancy. I’d have my hair and make up done nicely but nothing too fancy. Then I’d head out for dinner with someone a lot taller than I am. Maybe he’ll be wearing a tux and I’d wearing a gown he bought me and asked me to wear. We’ll probably have seafood or chinese.
After dinner, we’ll take a long walk talking about any and everything. We’ll go star gazing probably on some same rooftop or on the roof of a car parked somewhere on campus where we get a full view of the sky.
We’ll probably gist and name each star and create a movie with the stars as characters. I’d wear his blazer and we’ll dose off.
Then, when we wake very early the next morning, we’ll rush to freshen up and attend our different 8am lectures… *sigh*
Don’t worry I’m back on planet earth !
My people and I are hitting the town and of course, my original valentine (my mum) is buying me a cake and chocolate wine… Isn’t she wonderful?

Dear cupid,
I understand you are an overly gassed and winged infant (so I don’t expect you to know much), with a bow and an arrow (dangerous combo.. Armed infant! ) but endeavour to not be stupid.
Shoot both myself and Mr right the next time and not just me.


Oh wait!
thanks for missing though, I wouldn’t have known freedom and peace of mind this sweet. Come back and shoot both parties only when you’re needed.



4 thoughts on “Cupid Don’t Be Stupid

  1. Dear daughter, your a rare gem! A wonder waiting to explode on the world literary scene. Watch out……….its a prophesy n would hit target IJN, Amen. Your a genius. I couldn’t have expressed my thots any better. I marvel at your level of maturity & deep appreciation of d dynamics of thos whole Mushy Love thing! The real thing is deep and has wide dynamics! Go girl!!!! And a big thanks for letting dem know who ur original val is…………I loved dat bit n it brought me a smile. Also I laffed @ ur description of cupid and ur warning not to target u @ a wrong time or alone! Kudos, Mum.

  2. Wow,wonderful writeup,adus I am not surprised at the masterpiece you produced in words,you are a rising star,keep it up and make us all are on the right track!!!!thumbs proud of you

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