Midnight Star gazing…

You call me up when I least expect it. Sometimes because of the experiences and beings that life has literally pelted at me,
I find it weird that you do.
I wonder…
Why ? Where on earth does this still happen?
I guess here and with you would be the answer to that.

You never fail to show that you genuinely care about me.
I smile when You adjust my sleeve when its slipping of my shoulder,
Or pull down my skirt if it rolls up as we battle the force that seeks to gum our eyelids till dawn.
After which,
you’d laugh at yourself for ‘dulling’.

You woefully feign toughness around me before finally admitting that you suck at acting.
I noticed.

I see your quick glances as we sit at the table.
Those long stares,
Pregnant with meaning and yet subtle intensity.
How do you combine both extremes?
To get rid of the awkward feeling which arrives with being studied like a master piece, just as your eyes do it,
I make a quick joke and then you marry your palm to your forehead as you laugh at my silliness.

The night we went star gazing remains the most amusing.
I still laugh at your idea that by star gazing, we could somehow copy the twilight movie.
It was at the time when all dreamers must have crossed rivers and desserts separating them from dream land.
The stars decided they’d join the dreamers sojourn, so we were greeted by the dark sky.
We retired to catch the last flight to dream land to no avail.

I love that you’ve kept it simple even when I felt that weird vibes would become the order of the day.
I’m not sure where the next bus stop is but I’d hate to this crash into the rocks.

I’d love to spend many more dawns seeing star less skies with wings around my shoulders like a scarf.
I would definitely enjoy ‘motheringly’ nagging you about certain habits, before you laugh and call me ‘Ada mama’, grunt a response and drag yourself to fix the mess you made… Just as you always do.

Ko le ye won.


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