Pink Carnations and Pink Butterflies

I’ve stayed in the same hostel, the same room and on the same spot for 3 years now.
The rooms in my hostel have a similar set up. Old dark yellow curtains, wooden cupboards, wooden bunk beds, red cement floors.

I come from a home where interior decor is taken very ‘personal’ and so I guess it follows that I didn’t quite fancy the thought of returning to the same old setup for a third year in a row!
So, *drum roll*
I bought a few yards of plain dark pink linoleum and some patterned pink and blue linoleum. I laid the linoleum In front of my bed and in front of my locker/cupboard . This way I can walk from the front of my bed to the front of my locker without slippers and I can sit on it if I want to.
I saw a net like set of curtains at home which I instantly loved. I took them along with me for the hostel room. They seemed useless at home but somehow I spotted and rescued them!

The curtains are white, transparent or net-like and they have pink butterflies and coloured spots on them. I hung the two curtains on the two windows in my room.
I got this very lovely wall paper with big pink carnations all over it.
I put the wallpaper up on the wall beside my bed , I also pasted it on my cupboard/locker, and since my personal table is leaning on the wall
I put some of the it on the wall above the table.

Why all the stress? you may ask, especially since visitors aren’t allowed into our rooms and so not too many can appreciate the facelift I gave the room.
But then, its my corner.
I felt the need to ‘home-ifiy’ and make it my own regardless of who sees.
I did it for me.
At least I know I’d look forward to returning to a pretty corner after a long day.
I now have somewhere to stay and think pretty thoughts with pink butterflies flying around and pink carnations lying around…
*for those who stay near me, feel free to holla for assistance in making your spot ‘your own’ lol.

Have a Happy February!!!



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