Judging The judge; Judge Rivers


As most of you already know, This is Joan rivers.

She’s runs a show ‘fashion police’ with a team or in my words, she’s the ‘judge judy’ of the outfits worn on the red carpet and the Holly wood fashion scene at large.

Whenever I happen to watch her heartily pass very mean comments with contributions from her crew about people’s dressing, I  AOL. (Ask Out Loud :-D) “So who is policing her own dressing?”.
She, in my opinion, is a VERY bad dresser. She has an extremely awkward taste in clothing. If you ask me, I think she uses the fashion police facade to escape being policed about her dressing.
So, who is she to judge?

My friend Wale strongly disagrees with me and is of the opinion that Joan is actually ‘a boss’…Lol. If she’s so fond of looking like she slayed big bird of sesame street and used his feathers to create her outfits most if not all of the time, what then gives her the audacity to think she can actually judge peoples dressing and fashion sense? I wonder…

Oops! Here I am judging the judge. Who am I to judge right?

Well, we all make this mistake.
We tend to judge everyone around us , over the most insignificant things to the major things. Most times we pass judgement quickly and unconsciously, even just by catching a glimpse of someone we’ve already judged them. Who and what gives us the right when we’re probably worse?
The funny thing is when we become aware of the judgement others have made of us even in a similar manner by which we judge people normally, we get upset and go all chris brown with a *singing* “please don’t judge me… And I won’t judge you”. Lol.
Honestly Its hard at times but don’t be too quick to judge and don’t do things you judge other people for doing, you end up looking confused.
*message don’t be a ‘Judge rivers’ :p *


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