The Titled Woman…

Shamelessly slipping off her minimums for a different patron every night.
Bowing to lust&different thrusts,
Solely driven by short lived passion.

Buying flashy rides with her open thighs.
Peeling her naked back off a different bed each&everymorning.
All for “the good life”.

Dashing across the world in a private jet ,
Only to wear dead animals,blood diamonds& puff long thin cigarettes,
Forgetting her body is her collateral on her loan of “fast lane”living.

She scoffs at the chaste “Holy Marys” as they “save up” for their husbands,
While she thirstyly visits many beddings
Collecting many “wettings”.

The day of reckoning arrives,
Her patrons all retire to their madams.
Her body,fast spent…all she has left is her well deserved crown..
“Queen of the sheets”

* * * * *
Written in 2010 , dug up from the ‘archives’ and published unedited…lol.
Enjoy, share and subscribe…x


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